Why We Require Job Applicants to Submit Videos

WB Staff

Our team is growing! Want to join us?

We are expanding our team and hiring for a variety of positions. Our recruiting website talks more about our culture, open positions, and the application process.

Our application process is more involved than average, and there’s a reason for this- it’s a great way for us to filter candidates. If people can’t be bothered to follow instructions on an application form, then they probably will not be a fit for our company. We also ask all candidates to submit a brief video telling us about themselves.

Why We Ask Job Candidates For a Video

  1. We allow people to submit their video by either uploading a file or posting a link. We do not provide instruction on how to do this. One of our company culture mantras is “Everything is Figureoutable”. If someone cannot be bothered to figure out how to submit a video file or link, this is a very good indicator that they aren’t going to last in our culture.
  2. Submitting a video takes some time.  If someone is truly interested in a position at our company, they will be willing to jump through a few hoops. If people don’t want to put forth the effort, that communicates to us that they aren’t overly interested.
  3. Some of our positions require excellent verbal communication skills. A video helps us determine what kind of communicator applicants are.

When we post jobs on traditional job sites, we can can get up to hundreds of applicants. Asking applicants to submit a video is a great way to whittle down the list.

Learn more about our culture and application process on our Nych Group website.

COVID-19 Response

These are unprecedented times. Like almost everyone else in the world, we at WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products are grappling with this new reality.

We have always taken customer service very seriously and our goal is continue to prioritize our customers. We do need to ask for a bit of grace during these times. All our office staff is working from home which is causing things to be less fluid. We have a lot of great tools to communicate and collaborate, but our company culture has been built on working together in person, so this is an adjustment for everyone and does slow down our ability to respond as quickly as we used to.

We have also seen an increase in demand for our products as more people are staying at home. With kids being out of school, people need to prioritize backyard safety with easy-to-install fence options. We are grateful to be able to offer solutions, but because of the increased demand, this could impact you, our customer, in two ways:

  1. It may take us longer than we would like to get back to you. This applies to quotes, sample kits, questions and parts requests.
  2. It may up to 5 business days to ship your product.

Our goal has always been to quote, respond to inquiries, and ship within one business day, but right now we are not able to meet these goals. We are sorry if you have to wait, but please know that you are important to us, and we will respond to inquiries and ship product as soon as we can.

We appreciate your business and your patience during these times.

WamBam’s 2019 Give Back Campaign!

As part of our annual “Give Back” Campaign, we here at WamBam decided to show our holiday spirit with donations to Urban Ministry Center here in our city of Charlotte, NC. The Urban Ministry Center has been providing services to Charlotte’s homeless population for over 35 years! These services include daily hot meals, laundry, shower facilities, and even assistance in creating valid IDs! Of course they are always in need of basic supplies and funds to help support their outreach, and we were happy that we could play some small part in their cause this holiday season! Throughout the month of December, our employees donated both items and money from their own pockets, which WamBam then matched.

The last few years have been years of fantastic growth and good fortune here at WamBam. We’re very proud of every member of our WamBam Family, who have not only made this kind of growth a reality, but who have also been so willing to pay it forward to others in their community!

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

– Steve Maraboli



We took all of our donations and loaded them into fence boxes before bringing them to UMC!


give back 1

A small excerpt from the thank you letter we received from UMC



Testimony: “An Insidious Screening of Hideousness”

We recently received a testimony with photos from one of our creative and distinguished customers, named Andy. He explained that he wanted to hide his trash can, wood pile and recycling bin. The challenge was that the front of his house is really the back of the house; the back of the house faces the street. In Andy’s words, “Weird, huh?” Since the area of concern was visible to people driving and walking by, he needed something that would not only do the job, but look good doing it. According to Andy, he wanted something that wouldn’t be a “visual meh.” So, he turned to WamBam.

Andy decided to fence his garbage in, calling it “…an insidious screening of hideousness!” He started with a fairly blank slate. He did however discover a hidden concrete walkway as he was excavating. As with many installation projects, he was surprised at the discovery, but was not deterred. He said it “Required some carnival style ring-the-bell strikes with a sledge and voila-they were reduced to manageable rubble.” After marking the underground utilities, he was ready to go.


Next, he laid out his site, based it in and pounded the posts. He followed with pavers and a tumbled bluestone border and finished with the fence, gate and bluestone steppers. He got the creative idea to cut the WamBam 6’ Peeping Tom Vinyl Fence down to 4’. This allowed him to cover what he needed to, while still utilizing the window in the area.


Andy’s customization really showcases the creativity that can go into installing do-it-yourself fencing! He ended his letter with, “We love it, neighbors love it and no more gazing at my garbage!” This is why we at WamBam do what we do. The pleasure and pride that our customer’s experience after completing a project themselves is what drives us to keep coming out with innovative ideas and quality products.