Testimony: “An Insidious Screening of Hideousness”

We recently received a testimony with photos from one of our creative and distinguished customers, named Andy. He explained that he wanted to hide his trash can, wood pile and recycling bin. The challenge was that the front of his house is really the back of the house; the back of the house faces the street. In Andy’s words, “Weird, huh?” Since the area of concern was visible to people driving and walking by, he needed something that would not only do the job, but look good doing it. According to Andy, he wanted something that wouldn’t be a “visual meh.” So, he turned to WamBam.

Andy decided to fence his garbage in, calling it “…an insidious screening of hideousness!” He started with a fairly blank slate. He did however discover a hidden concrete walkway as he was excavating. As with many installation projects, he was surprised at the discovery, but was not deterred. He said it “Required some carnival style ring-the-bell strikes with a sledge and voila-they were reduced to manageable rubble.” After marking the underground utilities, he was ready to go.


Next, he laid out his site, based it in and pounded the posts. He followed with pavers and a tumbled bluestone border and finished with the fence, gate and bluestone steppers. He got the creative idea to cut the WamBam 6’ Peeping Tom Vinyl Fence down to 4’. This allowed him to cover what he needed to, while still utilizing the window in the area.


Andy’s customization really showcases the creativity that can go into installing do-it-yourself fencing! He ended his letter with, “We love it, neighbors love it and no more gazing at my garbage!” This is why we at WamBam do what we do. The pleasure and pride that our customer’s experience after completing a project themselves is what drives us to keep coming out with innovative ideas and quality products.

WamBam Fence Debuts in the Top Third of Inc.’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America

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WamBam Fence, Inc. Ranks in the Top Third with Three-Year Sales Growth of 265%

Charlotte, N.C., August 15, 2019 — Inc. Magazine recently ranked WamBam Fence, Inc. in the top third of their list of America’s fastest growing companies. Landing at 1,562 out of 5,000 companies, WamBam Fence, Inc. is the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of an innovative, no-dig system for vinyl and aluminum fence along with other outdoor products. The company has both headquarters and warehouse operations, as well as 18 employees, in the Charlotte area.

“Our incredible employees go above and beyond to serve our growing customer base, day-in and day-out,” said Denise Shields, president and co-founder, WamBam Fence, Inc. “Without their year-round dedication to do-it-yourself homeowners, we couldn’t deliver ‘the only fence that’s fun to install.’ From creative ideas that help us serve customers, to exceptional teamwork in our office and warehouse, our entire team is focused on delivering the best outdoor product to homeowners.”

WamBam Fence designs and delivers professional grade permanent fences that do not require digging holes, pouring concrete, or additional painting and maintenance. Created for the do-it-yourself market, WamBam Fence ships directly to homeowners across the country.

After many calls for a simpler fence that could be removed and reinstalled as necessary, the company launched a new line under the Zippity Outdoor Products brand in 2016. Zippity offers a simpler version of the no-dig concept for fencing and other outdoor products. Now homeowners can easily install outdoor privacy screens, mailboxes, and both permanent and semi-permanent fences without digging holes and mixing concrete (and without frustration!)

Homeowners can purchase Zippity Outdoor Products through,,, and—no DIY experience necessary! The flagship WamBam Fence line is sold exclusively through

About WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products

Whether you are trying to keep your children or pets safe, need a mailbox, or want to hide your trash bins, WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products can help. WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products manufacture and ship a variety of vinyl and aluminum fencing systems and outdoor products, while offering same-day shipping and convenient customer service for DIY homeowners.

Denise Shields and Stephen Prins founded the company in 2009: read their story here.

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About Inc.’s 5000 List

Started in 1982, the Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation and has become a hallmark of entrepreneurial success. Learn more:

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Zippity Outdoor Products

Did you know about our Zippity Outdoor Products Brand?

You can see all the products here.

Zippity is a line of affordable semi-permanent fence specifically designed for applications such as rental properties, puppy training or visiting grandchildren. It’s easier to install than traditional fence because it’s not permanent.

Privacy Screens

Within our Zippity line, we offer other outdoor products such as mailbox posts, outdoor showers and privacy screens. Privacy screens have been our hottest item this year. People are looking for a nice yet relatively easy way to hide their unsightly trash bins or AC units, especially as more and more Home Owner Associations are demanding it. The Huntersville Privacy Screen (2 Pack) is the latest addition to our privacy screen line and sales are already strong. Check out a video of it here: