It’s so easy….. even a 75 yr old can do it

This is the subject of an email that recently came through from a customer. The email gave us a little chuckle, and the pictures really took it home!

A 75 year old grandfather installs his fence single-handedly

“I found that if you read the instructions including Murphy’s Fence Laws,  which are very clear, before beginning your fence it becomes a very  easy installation.

I read the instructions regarding how to  figure what you need to order and started out with a portion that I felt  comfortable with, about a 1/4 of the total order.  I wanted to be sure that it was as easy as they said.  When it arrived on a  Wednesday late in the day, I unpacked the boxes to check the order.

Day 1

You  must understand that I am a 75+ year old man who had a heart attack  just 7 years ago and I was in the real estate business all of my adult  life running a large firm.

On Thursday, I started installing the vinyl fence and much to my surprise I was able to install all 6 sections in 1 day.

Day 2

I then ordered the rest of my fence and when it came, I was able to finish it in 2 1/2 more days.  I must admit that my daughters were concerned about me doing this by myself, so on the last day and a half, they sent one of my grandson’s to help.

Day 3


Not only was it easy, but it replaces a chain link fence that was rusting and falling apart here at the beach.  The hardest thing  I had to do was remove the old fence and posts buried in concrete.

Now I am just sitting back having a little wine and cheese and watching Duke beat Michigan in the NCAA tourney with my grandson Ben.”



Congrats to Mr. Allen, WamBam's oldest known customer!




Here’s a big pat on the back to Mr. Allen of Salter Path, NC, for single-handedly putting up a WamBam Fence at the age of 75! You really do deserve that glass of wine.

…and as fellow state residents, we’re cheering for Duke with you.

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