Big Box Comparison

WamBam Fence eliminates a lot of the hassle and labor from building a fence, and it’s professional grade. But how does it really compare in cost? The numbers below are based on 125ft of WamBam Curious George Fence to a similar looking style (lattice on top) at Lowe’s*.

Professional Grade vs ecomony Grade

This comparison actually puts us at a disadvantage as we are comparing our professional grade fence to an ecomony grade fence. The box stores do offer professional grade fencing via special order, and it's significantly more expensive.

Installing is Much Easier, Cleaner and Faster!

Forget digging holes, tearing up your yard, dealing with excavated dirt, and pouring hundreds--if not thousands--of pounds of concrete. Our no-dig fence offers a much cleaner, easier and quicker way to install.


Orders over $3000 ship free right to your home! You don't need to worry about transporting lots of materials to your home. Don't forget that if you're out of the state of NC, we don't need to charge you tax, either!

Customer Service

We offer great customer service and would be happy to assist you with any questions you have while installing your fence. You can have confidence in a team of fence consultants that can help assist you through any potential issues or problems you might have with your project. 

Comparison video

Click here to watch a video outlining how our fence performs better in looks and durability than fence found at the box stores.