Happy Thanksgiving

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Being Canadian, it’s a new experience to celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November. We’re actually heading back to Canada for these holidays, even though in Canada it’s not Thanksgiving.

Check out our home page to see Clever Joe’s Thanksgiving cheer.

UFC: The Ultimate Fencing Challenge

“How strong is your fence?’

It’s a question we get asked often. The truth is that our fencing is very strong because the posts are reinforced with pipe anchors whereas a traditionally installed vinyl fence has hollow posts. But we don’t want you to take our word for it.

We did a sort of redneck strength test using a come-along winching device between our panel and a common traditionally installed panel. We didn’t know what to expect ourselves, but it was fun to watch. Check it out:

Not only is our digless vinyl fence easier, cleaner, and more fun to install, but it’s also stronger!

Dirty Jobs Made Clean

The latest addition to our video collection:

See, WamBam’s digless vinyl fence system is not only way more fun to install than traditional fence, but it’s much easier and cleaner too!

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