We’re Out of Product

We have been experiencing unprecedented sales volume, and as much as we hate to admit it, we just can’t keep up. We are sorry for the inconvenience and working hard to clear the backlog.

We are able to complete orders for the following product:

  • Surface mounted Plain Jane Vinyl Fence (we are out of in-ground anchors)
  • Surface mounted Nervous Nelly Vinyl Fence (we are out of in-ground anchors)
  • Surface mounted  WHITE Steady Freddy Vinyl Privacy Fence (we are out of in-ground anchors)
  • Surface mounted  TAN Steady Freddy Vinyl Privacy Fence (we are out of in-ground anchors)
  • Surface mounted  Curious George Vinyl Privacy Fence (we are out of in-ground anchors)

Following is a list of approximate dates of when our fence styles will be in stock. Please keep in mind that in many instances product is moving so quickly that upcoming shipments are getting sold in advance, so the below dates are a guideline only. For more information or to reserve future inventory, please call a project consultant at 877.778.5733.

  • Small pipe anchors for ground mounted Jiminy Picket & Plain Jane Fence (July 20)
  • Large pipe anchors for ground mounted Steady Freddy, Curious George, Peeping Tom and Nervous Nelly Fencing (Aug 7)
  • Slim Jim Aluminum Fence (July 21)
  • Handy Andy Aluminum Fence (July 21)
  • Cap’n Morgan Post Caps (July 24)
  • Even Steven Vinyl Fence (July 27)
  • Peeping Tom Vinyl Fence (July 31)
  • Jiminy Picket Vinyl Fence (Aug 30)

During these difficult times, we feel grateful that we are in this predicament, but it’s still causing a lot of stress. We know this is disappointing for our customers, and since we strive to give our customers a good experience, the fact that we can’t get people the product they need is weighing heavily on us. We ask for your patience during these times and assure you that we are doing everything we can to get our stock levels back up.

Why We Require Job Applicants to Submit Videos

WB Staff

Our team is growing! Want to join us?

We are expanding our team and hiring for a variety of positions. Our recruiting website talks more about our culture, open positions, and the application process.

Our application process is more involved than average, and there’s a reason for this- it’s a great way for us to filter candidates. If people can’t be bothered to follow instructions on an application form, then they probably will not be a fit for our company. We also ask all candidates to submit a brief video telling us about themselves.

Why We Ask Job Candidates For a Video

  1. We allow people to submit their video by either uploading a file or posting a link. We do not provide instruction on how to do this. One of our company culture mantras is “Everything is Figureoutable”. If someone cannot be bothered to figure out how to submit a video file or link, this is a very good indicator that they aren’t going to last in our culture.
  2. Submitting a video takes some time.  If someone is truly interested in a position at our company, they will be willing to jump through a few hoops. If people don’t want to put forth the effort, that communicates to us that they aren’t overly interested.
  3. Some of our positions require excellent verbal communication skills. A video helps us determine what kind of communicator applicants are.

When we post jobs on traditional job sites, we can can get up to hundreds of applicants. Asking applicants to submit a video is a great way to whittle down the list.

Learn more about our culture and application process on our Nych Group website.