A Company by Any Other Name Would be Too Easy

So we know WamBam is a zany, unconventional name. But it’s memorable and fun and since our product is digless, you do just sort of “WamBam” it into the ground.

I personally think it’s a great name  and we wouldn’t have it any other way. (By the way, Steve gets all kudos for coming up with the name). But I  realized quickly that there are a few minor problems with it.

For one, spam filters all over seem to be blocking our emails.

Two, trying to set up life here in the US as a Canadian is difficult on a good day. Getting credit, banking, utilities, etc. is a bit of a nightmare as we must deal with stuffy corporate businesses with so much red tape I wonder how they don’t strangle themselves. I am all professional when I talk to them. But when they ask the name of the company that I work at, there is usually a lull at the other end after I say, “WamBam Fence.” The lull is often followed by, “Excuse me?” I repeat myself and assure them it’s legitimate as I picture them flagging my file.

Three, it can get a little awkward in the social scene. I’m brand new here and trying to make friends pronto. Everyone here works for Lowe’s or Bank of America or other highly professional outfits. It’s a common question to be asked what I do for a living. “Sales and Marketing” doesn’t usually appease their appetite for my career-related information. The inevitable question that follows is, “What company do you work for?” I’ve tried the “Cough-cough-Wam-cough-Bam” approach but that doesn’t usually work.

Fortunately I don’t think I’ve lost any friends yet. And it is a great conversation starter.

Plus, the majority of people seem to like it.

So what do you think about this crazy name for a company that is changing the world of do-it-yourself fence?

(Bear in mind that our fence is easier to install than traditional fence, and a heck of a lot more fun. Forget digging holes and tearing up your yard- simply “WamBam” it into the ground. And yes, that was a shameless plug on some keywords for search engine optimization. At least I can admit it.)

WamBarn Fence?

We got a new sign today out front of our little business park. It’s exciting to get a real sign; it somehow brings legitimacy to our little start up here.

Unfortunately the landlords/sign people didn’t quite get it right: (If you can’t see it, it’s the middle column under “H”)

Maybe we need some animals in the office.

Maybe it would work if our target market was ranchers and farmers. But it’s not.

At least it’s good for a laugh.

What are we doing here at WamBarn Fence? We’re changing the world of do-it-yourself fence. Our fence is easy and fun to install.

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