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4 Tips to Help You Plan Your Fence Project

Planning a fence is a big project with many considerations. You don’t want to be ill-prepared, or you might get frazzled and end up like this:

Don't be like frazzled Joe!

Don’t be like Frazzled Joe!

Don’t worry. If you pay attention to these 4 tips, you won’t end up like Frazzled Joe.

1. Your Ground Probably Slopes More Than You Think

Even though your yard may appear to be level, many people don’t realize that their property has been playing tricks on them, hiding a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) slope. With our fence system, slopes aren’t too detrimental as WamBam Fence handles sloping ground quite well, but you should still be aware of the slope of your yard before you embark on a fence project, or you might find your posts too short. Click here to see how to figure out your yard slope, or check out this page on how to best handle sloping ground.

Your Ground Slope is Probably Greater Than You Think

Your Ground Slope is Probably Greater Than You Think

2. Take Time to Sketch Out Your Proposed Fence Lines

A fence project is like a fine wine- it should be savored and sipped slowly. Ok, perhaps no one wants to savor a fence project. You always should, however, proceed slowly in the planning stages. We recommend sketching out your fence lines. If it doesn’t make sense on paper, chance are, it won’t make sense in your yard and you could have issues after starting. Remember that a WamBam Fence consultant will help you plan your project and is willing to do countless revisions for you if you need it. We are also happy to look at pictures of your yard or diagrams.

Bring out your inner artist and sketch your fence lines

3. Talk to the Appropriate People (Neighbors, HOAs, Locates, etc.)

We’re “ready, fire, aim” kinda people here sometimes, so we get that approach to life. However, it’s not a good approach with your fence. There are things you absolutely need to do before you start your project, such as calling locates and determining your actual boundaries. HOA’s can cause trouble at times, and with them the adage “forgiveness is easier to get than permission” never applies. Reading installation guides before you begin may not be the manly (or womanly) thing to do, but we won’t tell anyone if you do, because you really should. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the “to do” list. We’ve created one for you here.

A grumpy neighbor or HOA rep could make your fence project difficult

A grumpy neighbor or HOA rep could make your fence project difficult

4. Remember Murphy’s Law

You will probably run into a few snags along the way. This is the nature of the beast when dealing with the mysterious underground. Rocks and tree roots can lurk underground like dust bunnies under the bed. The good news is that obstacles won’t derail your project, but they could cause some delays and frustration, so it’s good to be mentally prepared for some surprises. WamBam also has staff available to help you navigate any tricky situations. And don’t be too worried because in our experience, obstacles are the exception and not the rule. Here is a list of potential challenges you may encounter– and how to solve them.

In short, a fence is a lifetime investment in your property, and with a bit of planning, you can make the process much more enjoyable. You’ll be the neighborhood hero once you get that good looking fence up!

Once that fence is up, you'll be like Hero Joe!

Once that fence is up, you’ll be like Hero Joe!


Vinyl is Actually Less Expensive Than Wood

A good quality vinyl fence is virtually maintenance free and will last a lifetime. When initially shopping for a fence, you may be lured by the price of wood, as  it’s often quite a bit cheaper out of the gate. However, after a couple years you may live to regret that decision when you’re laboring away on weekends staining and maintaining it. After a few more years, you may abandon the maintenance all together. This means your fence’s lifespan will be cut way down, and the fence will need to be replaced sooner. Vinyl really is the least expensive option over the long haul. Need proof? Check out this infographic.

The true cost of fence ownership over the years.

Vinyl vs Wood Infographic

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