Another winning photo entry

A beautiful shot of a job well done!


Hello WamBam,

Why is it seemingly straightforward, singular projects have a way of snowballing?  It all started with the removal of trees on the terrace that were heaving and starting to crack the concrete walks and drive.

Well, time to replace the concrete and… let’s add that pad on the side of the garage that we’ve wanted for years!  Bobcat here and scooping up the old stuff in no time.  Hmmm, we’ve always hated the grade of the front yard and as long as we have a bobcat and dump truck at our disposal, we might as well have them scrape off the yard and replace that too!  Bring on the new sod and many hours of watering during this past particularly hot summer.  All looking good except for that tired, rusting chain link gate/fence at the end of our pretty new boat pad.

The old chain link fence has got to go

Hmmm….  local fencing options very limited and ordinary.  Off to the Web!  Lo and behold, WamBam jumped right out.  Nervous Nelly was calling my name!  Even though is was not a huge project, there were some challenges.  The fence/gate needed to be shortened as well as tied into the existing chain link fence.  These modifications were easily managed.

Good riddance, chain link fence!

There were minor issues that were promptly remedied.  Customer support at WamBam is awesome! A special thank you to Stephen.  Everyone LOVES this fence.  The perfect entry into my garden!  Hope you enjoy my pictures.  I haven’t a single regret and would not hesitate to recommend this to my family and friends.

Work in progress

Thank you for my vinyl fence!

Diane in Wisconcin

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We are pleased to announce a new enhancement to our website to make it even easier for our customers to figure out their vinyl fence or ornamental aluminum fence project. Our new “Build Your Project” feature enables a person to put the coordinates of their project into the wizard, and POOF! a material list is generated. At the end, with one click of the button, all the items can be easily added to the shopping cart.

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