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I promise we didn’t try to buy this customer off

Nyle single-handedly knocks out his fence in a day and a half!

Nyle was so thrilled with his WamBam Fence system that out of the goodness of his heart he took the time to send us a letter informing us just what he thought of his WamBam fence project. It made us so happy that we just had to pass it along. Thanks, Nyle, for being such a fabulous customer!

Re: WamBam Fence

July 4, 2011                                                                                                       

Dear Stephen,

I feel obligated to communicate the high degree of satisfaction I have experienced with WamBam Fence. Although I have installed some fences in my years, I have not installed a fence SYSTEM as well planned and executed as yours.

The "Before" Shot

At 65 years old I was not looking forward to digging posts for 126 feet of fencing. I evaluated practically every vinyl fence option available, including fence contractors and their products. It did appear there are as many different versions of fence as there are contractors’ opinions of how fencing should be installed. After exhaustive research I decided to purchase the WamBam SYSTEM, and I emphasize SYSTEM.

Working hard

I define the WamBam SYSTEM, as follows:

  • Excellent web-site with easy-to-understand product offering, video and published instructions
  • Expedient follow-up and acknowledgement of order, at a personal level
  • Quick delivery
  • Quality components packaged accordingly
  • Preparatory hard copy instructions mailed prior to shipment receipt
  • Installation ease (It is actually fun!)
  • Creative/Innovative…Clever
  • Phone assistance very accessible, knowledgeable and responsive

As a recently retired global corporate leader I believe the WamBam Fence SYSTEM will become the international standard.

The 125 feet of Simple Simon fence was installed in about 1½ days, with occasional help from my wife carrying parts to the site.  WamBam Fence is truly a do-it-yourself system. It eliminates contractor quoting, call-backs and concerns of liability for contractors that may not be insured. (Yes, the homeowner may be responsible for injuries to contractor employees on your property!)

Looking good, Nyle!

If I had decided to auger and anchor fence posts with concrete I’d still be working on the holes. It’s been a pleasure to work with the WamBam Fence SYSTEM. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering q high quality fence system. Pictures enclosed/attached.

Nyle La***
Northern Minnesota

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