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Professional Grade Fence

You have choices when it comes to purchasing a vinyl fence. Illustrated below are some of differences between a lattice topped vinyl fence that can be purchased off the shelf at your local big box store and our Curious George vinyl fence. You can also watch the video. Plus, you might be surprised at a cost comparison. We understand that some of these differences might be important to you and some of them might not be. We are a little biased (just a little!) towards you purchasing our product for obvious reasons. That being said, we want whatever works best for you. In other words, if you're happy we're happy!

Product Density

Inserted flash light does not shine through, demonstrating thicker vinyl with more UV inhibitors for longevity.

Inserted flash light shines through, demonstrating very thin walls and substantially less UV inhibitors.


100% vinyl 3D lattice creates an upscale look. Because material is all the same, lattice will not fade at a different rate than the fence.

2D lattice is made from lower-quality polyethelyne as opposed to PVC. Not only does it look inferior, but because the material is different than the fence, there is a risk of fading at different rates.


Grooved posts result in an architecturally rich look and a more forgiving installation method that requires significantly less screws. Monoextruded vinyl means the post is as white on the inside as the outside.

Posts are straight up and down for a more plain look and require many screws and brackets. Coextruded vinyl means the inside of the post is slightly discolored. A scratch on the outside will be obvious with the discoloration underneath.

Brackets vs. Internal Connection

Rails insert directly into the post for a professional look requiring only 10 screws per panel.

Bracket connectors require 36-48 screws per panel and look bulky.

Lattice Connection

Lattice inserts directly into post channel for a professional look.

Lattice inserts into bulky channel which detracts from the overall look.

Width Of Rails

Wide bottom rail has significant internal webbing which results in a strong and more professional look.

Narrow bottom rail results in a more basic and plain look.

What else?