1 Aug
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The Mysterious Case of the Missing Donuts

There’s nothing like a great sense of humor to brighten a dreary day, and this email exchange with a customer made us laugh. In case you don’t know, the donuts we refer of are those yellow contraptions that help level the pipe anchor so that even if it’s not perfectly straight in the ground, when you sleeve your post over the pipe and donut, your post will be straight and level.

Leveling Donuts Help Keep Your Posts Straight and Level

Leveling Donuts Help Keep Your Posts Straight and Level


The customer’s original email said:

“Well, this time I’m afraid I’ve lost the leveling donuts, all 4 of them.  This time I remember they were here and don’t now if an animal carried them off or I just mis-placed them, or what.  In any event I need to order 4 more.”

We sent him his replacements and received this hilarious email 2 days later:

“I know you give a prize for photos, but do you have an idiot of the month award?

I’m the guy that looked everywhere for lost donuts, 5 times everywhere I could think of, at least, through all the trash, etc.  I thought the wife, cats and neighborhood crows, raccoons and possums were all conspiring against me to hide the little yellow donuts.

Well last week, I had done a bit of a dry run, fitting the vinyl posts over the surface mounts.  When I took the vinyl posts off the surface mounts, the donuts stayed with the vinyl posts.  They were there all the time, hiding inside, having a good laugh!!!!!!

So here’s one to add to your list of Murphy’s traps:  don’t forget that donut’s like to hide in posts if you do a dry run.

Since I’m a card carrying PhD tenured college professor, please don’t use my real name for fear my students would see it.”

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