29 Jan
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2014 Photo Contest Entries

It’s that time of year again! Our 2014 photo contest finalists have been chosen and it’s open for voting! The rules are simple:

1. Visit the link below.
2. Peruse the album and find your favorite entry.
3. Like your favorite picture.

Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.791807427521040.1073741827.118114068223716&type=3

The contest closes at 4pm EST on February 12, 2015.

First prize- $500
Second prize- $250
Third prize- $100

Here is a sneak peek of a few of our favorite entries!

Brian keeps his pool safe and secure with the Plain Jane Vinyl Pool Fence

Brian keeps his pool safe and secure with the Plain Jane Vinyl Pool Fence

Jesse Johnson

Jessie’s backyard looks pristine and classy with the Slim Jim Aluminum Fence

Jim George

Jim ties together a vinyl privacy fence and a vinyl picket fence, adding both privacy and security to his backyard.

20 Jan
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Fence Colors

When it comes to fence color, WamBam doesn't have too many options.

When it comes to fence color, WamBam doesn’t have too many options.

“Why doesn’t your fence come in more colors?” This is a question that comes up every so often by customers looking for more vinyl fence options.

While we do offer tan vinyl privacy fence and black aluminum fence, that’s where our selection ends. No tan vinyl picket fence. No greens, grays, or black vinyl. While selection is nice for customers, we choose to stick with the 80/20 rule. This means that we want to sell the 20% of products that make up 80% of our business. We feel that by doing this, we can run a more efficient business. Because of the efficiencies, we can then offer our customers the best price. In our experience, 80-90% of the people who want vinyl fence are looking for white anyway.

If you’re looking for a white vinyl fence, tan vinyl privacy fence, or black aluminum, WamBam may be a perfect fit for you. If you are looking for different colors, check out our competitors. Many of them make a great product with plenty of color selection.

We over 2 styles of black aluminum yard fence for those who prefer to avoid the stark contrast of white

We have 2 styles of black aluminum yard fence for those who prefer to avoid the stark contrast of white

We offer a tan privacy vinyl fence

Prefer vinyl in a color other than white? We do have tan privacy vinyl fence!

How To Find an Installer for Your WamBam Fence

The beauty of our fence is that it’s very DIY friendly, which means the average homeowner can install our vinyl and aluminum fence with a bit of time and determination. However, we do have customers who want our fence but aren’t able to install it themselves due to time constraints or health issues. We don’t have a dedicated installer network per se, but we do have many customers who have found installers with relative ease in their local communities.

Who to Seek Out

Our customers have the most success having a landscape company, contractor, or general handyman install their WamBam fence. In our experience, anyone who is somewhat handy and can read instructions can figure out our aluminum and vinyl fence system installation with relative ease. If you rent your installer a gas post pounder, he will probably save a lot of time on labor. The labor savings should more than pay for your rental.

What About A Professional Fence Installer?

While professional fencers do a fine job of installing fence, often they require that you purchase their product. Their installation prices also tend to be higher because they have invested in a lot of equipment like power augers, which drives up the price for installation. Our fence system doesn’t require expensive equipment to install, and our pricing is very competitive for the quality of fence we offer, so in many cases it doesn’t make sense financially to get a professional fence company to install your WamBam Fence.

To find a local handyman to install your fence, we suggest the following:

1. Ask friends and family for recommendations.
2. Appeal to your social networks for recommendations.
3. If you have a membership to Angie’s List, search for a handyman in your area who has a high rating.
4. Other sides like Yelp or HomeAdvisor.com can be useful as well to find contractors.

When Choosing a Contractor, Look For the Following:

1. Good reviews and testimonials to ensure they are a reputable source.
2. Someone who has a valid license and insurance (when applicable).
3. Someone who enjoys DIY projects and trying something new. You want someone who will embrace the no-dig fence system and be excited about it! Show them our videos and installation guides so they understand the system before they commit to the job.
4. Someone who returns your initial phone calls/inquiries promptly and professionally.

Please note that it may be difficult for a handyman to quote a WamBam Fence job with no experience installing a no-dig fence. Many of our customers settle on an hourly rate. While installing our fence is still a big job, it should not take nearly as long as digging holes and pouring concrete. Bear in mind that sometimes underground obstacles can creep up and this can add to the time it takes. This is a potential pitfall for all fence installation- whether no dig or digging holes! If you find a reputable and trustworthy person to install your fence, they will more than likely be fair with their pricing.

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