13 Mar
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Project Helping Hands

Our 2nd Annual Project Helping Hands was an amazing success! Project Helping Hands is an integral part of our core values at WamBam Fence and allows us to give back to the communities that we serve. Every Christmas, employees are asked to choose an organization or person in need that they would like to help out during the holiday season. WamBam Fence then makes a monetary donation to that organization/person in honor of the employee. Below is a testimony of one of our employees, Joey, who chose the Rice N’ Beans Foundation as his recipient.

“Donating funds to the Rice N’ Beans Foundation warms my heart. Having volunteered and experienced the Tuesday/Wednesday night mission work they do in the streets of Uptown Charlotte, I greatly appreciate the work Rice N’ Beans is doing to help feed & clothe the homeless and less fortunate in our community. It has always been on my heart to find a way to help these struggling people that I see on the streets with a hopeless look in their eyes. Stumbling across Rice N’ Beans through my friend and mentor, Clint Hudson, was an answer to prayer! I finally found a group that had the same mission that had been on my heart for such a long time. I enjoy volunteering my time to this ministry. Using the funds provided by the loving WamBam Fence to add to the food and clothing stock of Rice N’ Beans to give to the needy in our community not only puts a smile on their faces but mine as well.

I encourage all to volunteer some time to help service those in need. Find out more about this mission at ricenbeans.org.”


Not-for-Profit Rice’n’Beans in Charlotte NC feeding the homeless on a chilly winter’s eve

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