Creative Ways to use WamBam Fence

Do you consider yourself an off the beaten path DIY person? Maybe you just want some creative inspiration for your project? Take a look at what some of our customers have done with our fence to solve their privacy or containment needs!

Maybe you just want a shorter version of what we sell. Our posts and panels are easily customizable with a circular saw and some careful measuring!

4 ft tall Even Steven trimmed to 3 ft tall
6 ft tall Steady Freddy & Privacy Gate trimmed to 5 ft tall
4.5 ft tall Handy Andy trimmed down to just 2 ft tall

Or maybe you have some larger unsightly areas you are looking to hide. How about using our fence as a privacy screen? (Side note: For smaller areas, see our ENCLO line for lots of options!)

6 ft tall Steady Freddy hiding some unsightly piping
Peeping Tom with pickets cut shorter to give a scalloped look
Peeping Tom with pickets cut to give an arched look
“I think I might be able to squeeze under that bottom rail”

Or maybe you really like the look of lattice. Take a look at what this customer did with our Jiminy Picket fence. They installed the top rail so the pickets did not go through, then added 3rd party lattice between our 6ft tall posts!

4 ft tall Jiminy Picket with 6ft tall posts and custom lattice in between posts
Plain Jane with custom lattice to prevent pup from sneaking through the pickets
6ft tall Curious George cut down to enclose a trash can

Here’s a customer who used our Nantucket fence to accent an arbor.

Arbor with Nantucket on each side (3rd party caps)

Now here’s an example from Doug in WA. He is a true craftsman. He created a double 7ft wide gate using Nervous Nelly panels, our posts and some real ingenuity to span his driveway! Nice job Doug!

Great handiwork! How he accomplished this is blog post for another time!

We love it when customers show us their creativity and craftsmanship. The options are only as limited as your willingness to be creative! Remember … measure twice, cut once!

It’s Easy to Customize a WamBam Fence

Did you know that you can easily customize our vinyl fence? Sometimes a “one size fits all” approach just doesn’t work for your fence. When you buy pre-assembled panels off the shelf of the box stores, the install is very unforgiving because if you need to make any adjustments, you have to cut the entire panel, which can be very difficult when dealing with large panels. Our easy-to-assemble panels allow for much easier sizing adjustments.

And sometimes you want to change the style and design of your fence. There are many things you can do to customize our vinyl fence. This is also helped by our 4-way grooved posts which enable the placement of horizontal rails virtually anywhere along the vertical fence post.

Most Popular Vinyl Fence Customization

1. Shorten a Vinyl Privacy Fence

Our 6ft high privacy fence is a perfect height for most people, but sometimes people have special requirements where they need a shorter vinyl privacy fence. The customer below wanted some privacy at the front of his house but city code dictated that he could be no higher than 4ft tall. The customer below took our Curious George Vinyl Privacy Fence and took 2ft off to make a 4ft high vinyl fence.

Gil customizes his privacy fence to a 4ft height to meet requirements

 2. Creating a Swooped Vinyl Picket Fence

Some customers prefer a more decorative vinyl picket fence, and it’s easy to cut the pickets in either a swoop or a concave design. The customer below cut his vinyl picket fence into a swoop to make it look more decorative in front of his house.

Dubi cut his pickets into a swoop style and also hugged his bottom rail to the ground for a bit of a different look.

Dubi cut his pickets into a swoop style and also hugged his bottom rail to the ground for a bit of a different look.

3. Adjusting the Amount of Rails in a Ranch Rail

A ranch rail fence offers a lot of versatility and is a very affordable fencing solution, but sometimes it just doesn’t offer enough restriction to contain a pet. It’s really easy to add another rail or two to get the same effect of the fence, while having a little added security so Fido can’t squeeze underneath. Below shows a picture where a customer customized the 3-rail Even Steven vinyl fence to include 4 and 5 rails where he felt necessary.

John added a couple more rails to make his ranch rail fence safer for his smaller dog.

John added a couple more rails to make his ranch rail fence safer for his smaller dog.

Vinyl is a very easy material to work with so you can cut it with minimal ease using a standard fine tooth circular saw blade. You can read more about customizing in our knowledge base or visit our website.

Tobin Does Our Vinyl Fence Proud!

Tobin does a fantastic job installing his vinyl WamBam Fence

Denise, Lisa, CJ, et al,

I completed the fencing project of about 200-feet of Plain Jane vinyl fence in three sections with two gates over the last two weekends by myself.  It has been over 20-years since I worked on a fence, so this one was a bit different.  Not hard, just different in a good way with my neighbors being amazed at the swift progress and professional appearance.

With a view like that, we'd like to share a beverage with you on that porch! Oh, and the mountains are nice, too.


I thought I would share some thoughts and pictures with you and the other “Wam-Bammers”.

When things got real ugly:

The bent tip LOCKED the post in the wrong position and height such that would NOT move up or down or even twist-around with a 36′ pipe wrench.  After an hour or two I dug down through the “hard pan” to almost the base, but then exhaustion turned into innovation.  I used a compression fitting to adapt a water hose to the 1.25″ OD Wam Bam steel post and literally “hosed it out” after pounding/loosening the dirt plug out.   This might work as well to water-dig a hole (messy though).

A quick tip when close to another fence/wall and the steel post inevitably leans the wrong way.  Although counter-intuitive, bend it to you a bit more, but then twist it around 180-degrees with a pipe wrench.  Be care full to have the lower yellow anchor already in place because the pipe wrench will burr the steel post, (and watch your hands as well).

Looks great!

When things got way pretty:

As the remainder of the pics show, the three sides and two gates look and work great.  We used the Plain Jane for continuity with with our existing rear porch deck railings.  We also think the 4-foot height and open rails are more neighborly than a 6-foot solid panel.

Someone has a green thumb

Other stuff:

The gate on a 45-degree angle looks and works great since I used the hinges to obviate the whole angle issue.  However, I had to use an old (it was in the bottom of one of my tool boxes for 20+ years waiting for its moment…) wood gate latch that I could reverse.  The Wam Bam latch was not reversible – being either upside down or with the handle tang backwards.

I have a 4-pack set of the posts leftover.  Maybe some day I will enclose the entire side yard and around the front as well.  The mini-wiener dogs vote YES, but the “SheFO” votes NO and I am apparently a laborer with no votes.

Thanks for reading, peeking at pics.  Please let me know if I have a shot at the $100 contest, (but don’t mention that possibility to Sheila).

Tobin from Winnemucca, NV

"Hey, what's with this fence? Now we can't roam the neighborhood anymore!"

Tobin also gave us a rave review on (where he purchased his fence):

I wanted to try this product because of the innovative approach. I was NOT disapointed! Everything arrived OK and the instructions were great. Their website and news letter were done first rate and fun to read. This fence panel – along with the rest of their gates, posts, etc, were thought out as a full product line – not simply copied in the cheapest manner as some products are.
You still need to think about how to lay it out, but if you make an error – you can actually back up and it all works out OK.
Thanks Tobin, for being such a great customer and for taking the time to share your experience!
PS We vote “YES” to enclosing more of your property with a WamBam fence! And yes, you definitely have a shot at the contest!

Your house and property does our fence proud!

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