How do I equalize my fence sections to fit my overall fence run?

Very rarely will your fence sections all fit perfectly into your fence line. You have three options. You must consider these three options before installing your first anchor. Please  note that the illustrations below are of vinyl fence panels, but the same principles apply for ornamental aluminum fence panels.


Solution A: Trim all fence sections evenly

This way of equalizing your fence sections is most pleasing to the eye.  It is also the most work as you will need to trim every panel down in length. If you take pride in what you do, and have the time, this is the way most professional companies would tackle your project.


Solution B: Trim the end panels

Trimming down both end panels is an acceptable way to equalize your fence panels.This will minimize having one panel stand out like a sore thumb.


Solution C: Trim one end panel

This is not the ideal situation, but this method provides for the least amount of work and the least amount of waste. Professionals typically would not install your fence this way.