Creative Ways to use WamBam Fence

Do you consider yourself an off the beaten path DIY person? Maybe you just want some creative inspiration for your project? Take a look at what some of our customers have done with our fence to solve their privacy or containment needs!

Maybe you just want a shorter version of what we sell. Our posts and panels are easily customizable with a circular saw and some careful measuring!

4 ft tall Even Steven trimmed to 3 ft tall
6 ft tall Steady Freddy & Privacy Gate trimmed to 5 ft tall
4.5 ft tall Handy Andy trimmed down to just 2 ft tall

Or maybe you have some larger unsightly areas you are looking to hide. How about using our fence as a privacy screen? (Side note: For smaller areas, see our ENCLO line for lots of options!)

6 ft tall Steady Freddy hiding some unsightly piping
Peeping Tom with pickets cut shorter to give a scalloped look
Peeping Tom with pickets cut to give an arched look
“I think I might be able to squeeze under that bottom rail”

Or maybe you really like the look of lattice. Take a look at what this customer did with our Jiminy Picket fence. They installed the top rail so the pickets did not go through, then added 3rd party lattice between our 6ft tall posts!

4 ft tall Jiminy Picket with 6ft tall posts and custom lattice in between posts
Plain Jane with custom lattice to prevent pup from sneaking through the pickets
6ft tall Curious George cut down to enclose a trash can

Here’s a customer who used our Nantucket fence to accent an arbor.

Arbor with Nantucket on each side (3rd party caps)

Now here’s an example from Doug in WA. He is a true craftsman. He created a double 7ft wide gate using Nervous Nelly panels, our posts and some real ingenuity to span his driveway! Nice job Doug!

Great handiwork! How he accomplished this is blog post for another time!

We love it when customers show us their creativity and craftsmanship. The options are only as limited as your willingness to be creative! Remember … measure twice, cut once!

Handy Andy – It’s a First!

Tyler the Escape Artist coming to terms with reality.

Thinking Outside the Box

As a fencing company that prides ourselves in helping each of our customers meet their individual needs, we’ve come across many creative ways that our customers have installed their fencing. We thought we had seen it all, but one of our valued customers, Joe, proved us wrong.

After installing his Handy Andy fence, Joe came outside one day to find his furry friend, Tyler, on the wrong side of the fence. He had managed to wiggle his way through the space in between the pickets. Apparently Tyler is a bit of an escape artist.

Joe had to think outside the box to keep Tyler in the box. After some contemplation and a little ingenuity, Joe decided to slide his top rail down to the bottom. Tyler can no longer wiggle through the rails, and he is too short to make the leap over the lowered rail. This rendition of our Handy Andy fence gave us a little giggle when we first heard about it, but it turned out to be the perfect solution!

Feedback like this from our valued clients always brings a smile (and sometimes even a giggle) to our faces. Don’t hesitate to share photos of your fencing project to for a chance to win a prize in our annual photo contest. You can check out the details at:

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