How do I determine the slope of my fence line?

Often the ground slope of your fence line will be much greater than you think it is. To understand how much of a fall your fence line has, run a level string line from the start to the finish of your fence line. You will need to compensate for this difference in height either equally throughout your fence panels or whatever is most visually pleasing to you.

To determine rise height:

To determine your slope degree:
1. Determine the percentage of slope:
Slope (%) = height/length x 100

2. Use the table below to convert the slope in percentage to degrees.

Slope (%) Slope
17.6 10°
19.4 11°
21.2 12°
23.1 13°
24.0 14°
26.8 15°
28.7 16°
30.6 17°
32.5 18°
34.4 19°
36.4 20°
38.4 21°


A customer has an 11in. increase over a 120in. length fence run.
Slope (%) = 11/120 x 100
Slope (%)= 9.2

According to the chart, the degree is approximately 5.5°, as it falls in between where 5° and 6° on the chart.

(If you want to figure this out with mathematical precision, apply an arctangent function to this value to obtain the angle of the slope. In other words, on a scientific calculator, hit the ‘inv’ button and then the ‘tan’ button to get the slope angle).

*If your slope is greater than 10 degrees, please order large anchors regardless of your fence style for vinyl fence.

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