Hot Off the Press!

We’re really excited about our new 75 second demo video. Check it it out and let us know what you think!

We Love to Help

We’re thrilled to help customers plan their aluminum or vinyl fencing project, and don’t resort to any old school sales tricks. We believe our fence is a great solution for almost everyone, but in some cases it’s not and we have pointed people in other directions. We truly believe that what’s best for the customer is best for us.

We realize that it can be a shady world out there full of sales people who sometimes resort to old school tricks (would you like me to call you on Wednesday or Thursday?). We’re regular people with regular lives, and we’ve seen it all.

Our commitment to you, our potential customer, is that we will spend time with you on the phone or email and help you plan your fence project, but will never pressure anyone to buy our fence. This means that you can breathe easy when you request a quote or call us!

It’s helpful for us if you have certain information for us before you request a quote or call in. This helps us give you the most accurate quote possible, and if you need to change it down the road- no problem! We usually do multiple revisions for our customers. If possible, figure out the following:

1. The main purpose of your vinyl or aluminum fence.
2. The approximate dimensions of your yard that will be fenced in.
3. The number of gates you think you will need.
4. Whether or not your ground has a significant slope or not.
5. Your ground or soil conditions.

If you have this information handy, we can quote you most accurately. If you’re not ready for a quote and just have generic questions, no problem, give us a shout or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help in any way can.

Just remember that our vinyl and aluminum fence is designed for the DIY market. While it’s not easy to install per se, it’s much easier to install than traditionally installed fencing! If you’re not comfortable installing your own fence, many of our customers find a local home handyman or general contractor to do it for them. Even if they have no experience installing our fence, we haven’t yet seen a contractor who hasn’t be able to easily figure it out!