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Before You Begin Checklist

1. Have you contacted your local utilities?

This unfortunately is not a laughing matter, but rather one of potentially deadly consequences. You must call before you start to install your fence to avoid puncturing any unseen underground utilities, especially electrical or gas lines. Fortunately, this is made easy for you. Simply call 811 in the US, or visit

In Canada, visit for a list of phone numbers by province.

2. Have you checked your local zoning laws?

Local zoning laws and Home Owners Associations may regulate the height, style and placement of your fence. Some locations may even require a permit.

3. Are you absolutely sure where your property line is?

Many disputes have arisen from questions about whose side the fence is on. It's better to settle these before you put up a fence.

4. Have you talked to your neighbors?

Your fence will become part of their yard, and you’ll have an easier time building it if you can have access from both sides. Besides, you may get lucky if they decide to share the cost with you.

5. Have you read your installation guides?

Let's face it- no one likes reading instructions. But please, make an exception for this project. We want you to have the best possible experience installing your WamBam Fence and reading the instructions will ensure this. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! And don't worry about the size- they are mostly pictures.