WamBam Fence’s “Helping Hands” Program!

WamBam Fence is a company that likes to help out those in need, and with 2017 being such a great year for the company, we knew we had to give something back. During one of our team lunches, the idea arose to take the money the company was going to donate to a charity and do something more personal with it.  We asked each employee, “Is there someone you know that can benefit from a donation?  It could be a family, friend or a special charity that you believe in.  We will split the donation equally among all of you and you can donate it in your name”.  Our employees at WamBam are some of the most caring individuals we know, and they loved the idea!  So, we weren’t surprised at the level of thought and excitement they put into the program. The best part was that the employees got to see how their donation helped people in need.  Some employees even added their own money to the donation to help even further! Over the next few weeks, we will be posting the stories of these donations to this blog, so stay tuned for the stories of WamBam Fence’s first “Helping Hands” Program!


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The WamBam Team

The 2017 WamBam/Zippity Photo Contests have begun!

Every year our customers send us pictures of their beautiful WamBam and Zippity fences, often installed by their own hands, and every year we post their photos to our Facebook pages to show off their hard work, and to give them a chance to win prizes! We’re very excited to announce that 2017’s contests are officially underway, and if you have an active Facebook account you can participate by voting for your favorite entries in each line! This year’s contests are our biggest yet with over 75 total entries between our two product lines, WamBam and Zippity! Between the two lines, you can see installations not just of fencing but of mailbox posts, privacy screens, shower kits, and more! One of our favorite things about these contests is seeing the creative “outside-of-the-box” ways in which people use their products, and this year doesn’t disappoint! Both contests end on Friday, January 26th, and the winners are determined by popular vote. You can submit your votes by simply “liking” the photo you want to vote for. There is no limit to the number of photos you can like, so show as much love as you’d like! The top 3 photos from each contest will win the following cash prizes:

1st Place: $500

2nd Place: $250

3rd Place: $100

So if you want to see some great fencing and more installed by homeowners all over the country, check out our Facebook pages and vote for your favorite! And remember to check out our full product lines for WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products and you may be one of next year’s winners!

-WamBam Fence Contest can be found here

-Zippity Outdoor Products Contest can be found here



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Rhonda Schwartz uses the Madison Fence to enclose her beautiful flowers!

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Kris Wickwire does a great job stepping her Plain Jane Fence around the pool!