Helping Hands Stories (Part 1)

Last week we told the story of our new Helping Hands program. Our employees did some great things with the money they donated, and we’ll be telling those stories in this post as well as one other post next week!



“Our helping hands money was donated to an associate of my husband, who he has worked with for a few years.  He was struggling with a lot of bills due to personal issues and was concerned about not being able to provide Christmas gifts for his children. He was blown away with the gesture and extremely thankful for generosity.”




“I donated the money to the Joe Martin ALS Organization.  It is a local charity in Charlotte that helps families and patients that have been affected by ALS. Specifically, I asked that the money donated be used towards “Joe’s Camp”.  During my mom’s struggle with ALS, the Joe Martin Foundation provided critical caregiving, financial support, and equipment to my mom and our family.  I was ecstatic to be able to give back to them and show them how grateful I was for all that they did for my mom and our family in our time of need.”




“Mine when straight to my church. Every year they do a huge “Giving to Christ at Christmas” offering.  This goes above and beyond our typical weekly offering.  Every penny that is donated goes directly into the local community to support food banks, Christian mission partners and aiding people in paying bills who suddenly find that they can’t.  Some of it also goes toward our worldwide mission partners which fully funds an orphanage in Argentina, halfway houses in the Philippines for girls rescued from sex trafficking and churches being planted in India.  The main goal is to help the “least and the lost” of the world…children.”


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