WamBam Fence’s “Helping Hands” Program!

WamBam Fence is a company that likes to help out those in need, and with 2017 being such a great year for the company, we knew we had to give something back. During one of our team lunches, the idea arose to take the money the company was going to donate to a charity and do something more personal with it.  We asked each employee, “Is there someone you know that can benefit from a donation?  It could be a family, friend or a special charity that you believe in.  We will split the donation equally among all of you and you can donate it in your name”.  Our employees at WamBam are some of the most caring individuals we know, and they loved the idea!  So, we weren’t surprised at the level of thought and excitement they put into the program. The best part was that the employees got to see how their donation helped people in need.  Some employees even added their own money to the donation to help even further! Over the next few weeks, we will be posting the stories of these donations to this blog, so stay tuned for the stories of WamBam Fence’s first “Helping Hands” Program!


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The WamBam Team

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