Helping Hands Stories (Part 2)

Here are the rest of our stories from WamBam Fence’s first Helping Hands Program!



“I took the money and, adding some of my own to it, bought groceries. I donated the groceries to Cooperative Christian Ministries in Concord, NC. They help families and homeless that are in need.”




“I donated my money to The Prevent Cancer Foundation. I’ve lost two grandparents to cancer, and The Prevent Cancer Foundation has become my charity of choice since losing them. They’re a charity that focuses on improving technology for prevention and early detection of cancers.”

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“I have a neighbor and friend in need.  She made a comment that she and her son have a game to see if they can only spend $50 a week on groceries and smiled because they were successful.  Broke my heart.  She cried when I gave her the check.  I also gave her a gift card to the grocery store and a few gifts for the kids.”




“A friend of mine told me about a charity where you can donate money to local military families in need. I donated the money to a local Military family of 6. I added some of my own money to help them out.  I wanted to give them a nice Christmas.”


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