We love pictures!

It’s unanimous in our office: we love to see customer’s pictures! Here are a few of our recent favorites, both in vinyl fence and ornamental aluminum fence.

Does this fence make my ears look big?

Next up, a round of mojitos and some sunscreen!

Looks like the perfect spot for a corn roast and a pool party!

A rose by any other name…

We take naming our product seriously. Very seriously. I mean, look at our past names: Peeping Tom, Curious George, Jiminy Picket… Very serious indeed!

This is why we need your help. If a rose by any other name would not smell as sweet, a fence panel by any other name would not look as good. Right? Ok, maybe not, but still, have some fun with us by taking our polls to help us name our new ornamental aluminum fence panels!

(If you like two names from the same batch, you can vote for two.)

Aluminum Fence Panel #1


[poll id=”3″]

Aluminum Fence Panel #2


[poll id=”4″]