Spring is the time of plans and projects

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
– Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Clever Joe is ready for spring, and so are we!

Clever Joe is ready for spring, and so are we!

With only one week until the official launch date of spring, it seems like the weather around the country has been unseasonably cold. I know that I’m spoiled living in sunny North Carolina, but it has been unseasonably cool here as well too. (I realize it’s all relative- my Northern friends have no sympathy as our temperatures are still well above freezing during the day).

I think everyone gets so anxious for spring because it signals so many things- sunshine, grilling, flip flops, blue skies and the ability to go outside and breathe in the fresh air without a cold shock to the lungs.

There are a few things I could do without– such as losing an hour of sleep with the time change– but I certainly wouldn’t be caught dead complaining about the brighter evenings.

A lot of people have plans and projects for their yards in spring, and somehow working on outdoor yard projects can seem like more a pleasure in the spring. It’s like you can come out of hibernation. Gardening is probably one of the most popular spring pass times, and we, of course, talk to a lot of people who are considering a vinyl or aluminum fence for their yards.

Leo Tolstoy said “Spring is the time of plans and projects” and we couldn’t agree more. Maybe it’s not quite warm enough to go outside and grill just yet, but you can definitely plan in advance for these lazy Sundays by laying out your landscaping and fencing plans. Remember, we’re always happy to provide hassle-free, no obligation advice and consultation on your vinyl or aluminum fence project. Save money with our easy to install PVC fencing and aluminum fencing!

3 Reasons Why You Should Install Your Own Fence

We specialize in helping homeowners install their own vinyl or aluminum fence. We believe that almost anyone with an average skill set and some patience can tackle this project on their own- or preferably with a helper.  There are many benefits to installing your own fence, and here are the top 3.

piggy bank_small

You can save a lot money when you install yourself.

1. It can save you a lot of money

Professional fence installation is a wonderful service, but generally labor is as much as materials, so it’s expensive. If you install your own fence, you can save up to thousands of dollars. These kinds of savings usually make the work involved worth the effort.

The bottom line? Installing your own fence is a great way to save your family money.


You can make your install even easier by renting our gas powered post driver.


2. You don’t need to dig holes or pour concrete

Installing a fence has traditionally been a lot of work, and often heavy equipment was required. Renting power augers to dig deep holes–or manually digging them– is enough to make anyone run for the hills. Add the pouring of hundreds of pounds of concrete, additional to tearing up your yard, and it’s no wonder homeowners shy away from installing their own fence. It’s just too much work.

Now with WamBam’s DIY-friendly system, you don’t need to dig holes or pour concrete. This makes the project so much easier. And if you want to make it even easier, you can rent one of our gas powered augers to do most of the work for you.


3. You can be a hero

We’re not going mince words- it takes time to install a fence. Even though a WamBam Fence requires significantly less work than your average fence install, you do need to spend a great deal of time, effort, and patience, and there is no way around that. However, when you invest time into a project, pride inevitably goes hand in hand. Soon you’re the hero of your family–and maybe even your neighborhood. There is generally a lot of satisfaction when you pull up to your home every night and admire your handy work.

Full Image_no_tools

“I’m just going to sit out here and admire my handiwork!”

How to Chose the Fence Material That’s Right For You


Choosing the right material for your fence can be a big  decision. There are 3 main material choices you have for a residential fence. Below is a chart outlining the benefits of each.

Obviously, since we manufacture vinyl and ornamental fence we are biased towards these two materials. Having said that, some people prefer wood because of the initial up front costs or natural look. If you’re choosing wood because it’s initially cheaper, keep in mind that maintenance over the years will add considerable expense (check out this vinyl vs. wood true costs infographic). If you prefer the natural look and don’t mind the maintenance, by all means, we respect your tastes!

We’re going to assume if you keep reading that you are choosing between vinyl and aluminum. Each has it own benefits and considerations.

What’s the Primary Reason for a Fence?

If you need a fence for privacy, vinyl is the default since you can’t get aluminum privacy. The same is true with ranch rail or a traditional picket fence. The only time you really have to choose between vinyl and aluminum is for 4-5 feet tall open perimeter fence. This style of fence is mostly used for pools, setting up boundaries on your property, or keeping pets and children safe. If this is what you need, keep reading for more tips on choosing vinyl or aluminum.

If you’re after the classic picket fence, you’ll need to go with vinyl.

Color Choice

Our vinyl fence is white and our aluminum fence is black. If you have a color preference either way, this may be the deciding factor. Some customers prefer white because it compliments their house, and some prefer black because it can look more subtle.

This vinyl fence looks terrific with the white trim on the shed.

This southern style home looks great with our aluminum fence affixed to stone pillars.

Style Preference

Aluminum is generally more subtle and blends into landscaping, where as vinyl is more obvious. Some people enjoy the look of a vinyl fence because from 5ft away it looks like freshly painted wood, or it can match the shutters and trim of the house. Vinyl posts are usually thicker and more substantial (4-5in.) and aluminum posts are quite a bit thinner (2in.). The overall style difference between aluminum and vinyl is quite significant, and much of it depends on personal taste.

This vinyl fence offers a nice contrast to make a bolder statement

What Is Everyone Else Doing?

Have a look around your neighborhood and pay attention to what material is prevalent. If all your neighbors have vinyl, you really should consider vinyl so it looks uniform to the other houses on the street. The same is true with ornamental aluminum.

If you live in a New England style home with shutters and white trim, vinyl will often compliment it best. If you live in an area with black shutters and dark home colors, aluminum might be the natural choice.  Again, looking around your city to see what your neighbors are choosing will also help you decide what fits best.

Though the trim on the house is white, the black fence provides a classy pairing with the gray brick on the house.


Choosing the fence material for you can be a big decision, but once you weigh all the considerations, the answer usually becomes more clear. Often it boils down to personal taste. Don’t forget that your friends at WamBam are always available to help walk you through the process as well.

Driving Pipe with the Skidril G20

Installing a fence is a big job. Fortunately, WamBam makes it much easier with the no-dig approach. But it still doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Update: Watch this 75 second video for a quick overview of no-dig fencing:

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Hand’s down, the most labor intensive part of installing your WamBam Fence will be driving the pipe into the ground. We’re always looking for ways to make our customer’s lives even easier, and we’re pretty excited bout the new G20 by Skidril on the market. Our intentions are to have these as a rental option for the spring of 2013.

Denise was pried away from her desk to take the new G20 for a test spin. You can watch it below:

If you’re considering a vinyl or aluminum fence and you want to take the easiest install route, give us a call to see how this handy tool can make your vinyl fence install that much easier!