More Outsourcing Chaos

We’re using some outsourcing to help the search engine optimization of our site. Part of what they do is write articles that pertain to fencing and WamBam Fence, and then release them online. It’s safe to say that said articles probably aren’t read too much. However, being nervous about people writing articles on our company when English isn’t their first language, I had one criterion: I wanted to proof read every single article written, even if it supposedly wasn’t going to be read by anyone. Part of what came back was enough to make me cringe. I rewrote the thing, and gave revised article a green light.

They released the original one. I don’t even know where they came up with this; they must read the blog or something. But this was one of the paragraphs of the article leaked for a few torture-some hours before I caught it and had it revoked immediately.

Even though the name of our company is pretty strange but our company is absolutely authorized and legal, handling jobs that are appropriate and tailor marked to the best of our client needs. The company is run by Steve and Denise along with two bondage employees Ben and Scott who started the entire concept of easy to fix fences

Easy to fix fences? And what the heck is a bondage employee? What kind of outfit do we have going on here anyway?

(The real story is that we provide easy-to-install vinyl fence that is digless. And our employees are here by choice. Promise.)

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Bahahaha! We promise we are legal and legit, even though we have bondage employees! And we handle jobs to the best of our clients’ needs! It definitely sounds like you are running a sketchy business at best. Or at least your outsourcer thinks so! Too funny!


Thanks for my daily laugh!

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