Starring Some of the WamBam Crew

Our digless fence is installed by pounding a pipe into the ground with what’s called a post driver or pounder. Skeptics abound regarding how hard it is to drive a pipe into the ground- and those skeptics included us at one time. The truth is that while it requires exertion, it’s generally not as difficult as you might assume. We can say this with confidence because we have driven lots of pipe into the ground. (Ok, I’ve pounded one or maybe two pipes into the ground, but Steve has pounded in thousands from his former fence days and Clever Joe tens of thousands.)

And let’s face it- driving pipe into the ground on a bad day is still way easier than renting augers and drilling holes on a good day. Plus, drilling holes is just the start of your problems. After that you need to mix hundreds of pounds of concrete, pour it into the holes, and clean up all your excavated dirt and mess.  I’m sometimes prone to exaggeration, but this time I promise you I’m understating the truth by a country mile.

We’ve manufactured 3 manual post drivers to give our customers options to make their post driving experience as pleasant as possible and you can see them in action in this movie.

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