New Line of No-Dig Fence Available through Resellers

“We are proud to be launching a new line of no-dig fence available through resellers.”


WamBam No-Dig FenceOver the past few years, we have seen growing enthusiasm for no-dig fence. Our customers generally love our no-dig fence as proven by our rave reviews, and to date our website has been the only place to get a complete no-dig fence kit designed for the DIY consumer. That is all about to change with us launching a new line of no-dig fence available through resellers.

The Evolution of No-Dig Fence

Initially we launched WamBam’s original no-dig fence line through online resellers like Home Depot, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale club. Despite good sales, we had a problem. Our no-dig fence was simply too complicated to sell through online retailers. Everything was sold a la cart, and customers were forgetting to order caps or posts or no-dig pipe anchors. Communicating this information was very difficult through these online platforms, and with their customer service representatives handling hundreds of thousands of skus, it was impossible to expect them to be knowledgeable on our no-dig fence. We had to pull back. We ultimately decided to sell our no-dig fence direct, because we wanted to learn how to better sell no-dig fence to the end consumer. By selling direct, we were able to hold customer’s hands, quote them on their fences, ensure they had what they needed and easily provide technical support. We have always tried to operate by answering the question, “What’s best for the customer?” and the answer to this question was clear to us regarding our decision to sell our WamBam Fence direct.

We also promised our resellers that we would take what we learned about no-dig fence to come up with a simplified program for resellers. Our first step was to learn how to sell general fence through online resellers in a way that is simple and easy to understand for the consumer. As a result, we introduced a pared down line of traditionally installed fence that is sold with 1 panel, 1 post, and 1 cap in a box. We brought this line (dubbed WamBam Traditional) to market in 2012 and the program has been very successful. With it’s success, we have also seen growing requests for a similar no-dig version.

Why No-Dig Through Resellers?

We love our No-Dig WamBam Fence, but we saw the opportunities for some improvement to the levelling donuts and a few other technical parts of the product. We created a new and improved version of our no-dig anchor kits and packaged products like our WamBam Traditional product- 1 panel, post, cap and mounting system in a box. It’s important for us to be able to partner with retailers for a few reasons. For one, resellers like and offer free shipping, and this is something we can’t compete with on a couple panels of fence. By leveraging the logistics of these powerhouse resellers, customers can purchase smaller fence jobs with less shipping expense- and in many cases free shipping. Transit times can also be decreased to the west coast as well, as some of these dot com retailers stock our products in their warehouses.

Styles Available

At this time we are only offering 2 styles- picket and yard & pool, both 4ft high. We have plans for some 3ft no-dig picket fence and also hope to introduce privacy fence to this line as well.

How is it Different from WamBam’s Current No-Dig Fencing?

While this new no-dig fence line is still professional grade vinyl with a limited lifetime warranty, there are a few key differences other than different styles. The new no-dig line sold through resellers has the following differences:

 WamBam Traditional Available Through Resellers since 2012New WamBam No-Dig Available Through Resellers
Panel Width7ft wide6ft wide
What's Included (Box Contents)Panel, post, cap, hardwarePanel, post, cap, no-dig anchors, leveling donuts, brackets, hardware
Post Size & DesignGrooved 4.5in x 4.5inBlank 4 x 4
Installation MethodDigging holes and pouring concreteNo-Dig patent protected system
How Panels Attach to PostsPost grooves and screwsBrackets
Picket StyleDog eared picket*Pointed picket*
Yard & Pool StyleUniform picket width*Alternating picket width*
Lifetime WarrantyYesYes
Professional Grade VinylYesYes
Other Styles Available?Yes- ranch railNot at this time
* See line drawings below


WamBam No-Dig Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

WamBam No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

Nantucket Line Drawings

WamBam No-Dig Nantucket Vinyl Picket Fence


We are excited about this new line of fence, and invite you to call us at 877-778-5733 if you have any questions. To see the products on our website, click the links below:

No-Dig Vinyl Nantucket Picket Fence

Now sold through resellers: No-Dig Vinyl Nantucket Picket Fence

No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

Now sold through resellers: No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

6 Things You Need to Know Before You Tackle Your DIY Fence Project

There is nothing more rewarding than a DIY project. Not only will you save money, but you should also feel a genuine sense of pride every time you admire your handy work. The flip side is that DIY projects can also cause a lot of frustration. Here are 6 tips we offer people before they tackle our DIY vinyl fence and DIY aluminum fence to help avoid potential frustration and have the best DIY fence experience possible.

1. Read the installation guides. Twice.

Sure it can be a pain, and echoes of a gruff “real men don’t read instructions” voice may chime in your head, but when it comes to a WamBam Fence, read the instructions, and carefully. This will save you a lot of potential grief and hassles down the road. You can view our installation guides here. Our Murphy’s Fence Laws covers what to do when you encounter certain pitfalls.

DIY Fence Read Installation Guides

2. Don’t mistake yourself for Bob Villa.

It’s great to tackle a DIY project, and we are confident that you’ll be able to install a WamBam Fence. However, overconfidence can cause problems. Go into the the project with an attitude of humility and expect that you will encounter some obstacles, but know that you’ll get through them as they arrive (you can also use our technical support for help).

DIY Fence Confident Install

3. Don’t give up when the going gets tough.

Installing a fence is hard work, and even a no-dig fence is hard work. Don’t feel bad if you’re stressed out or overwhelmed at points. It’s completely normal. Take a deep breath and a break. Go for walk, have a snack, or read the paper. The project will probably not seem so daunting with a fresh mind.

DIY Don't Give Up

4. Grab a helper

We have many customers install their WamBam Fence single-handedly, and this does work. However, customers who have help tend to have a better experience. Having someone help with the labor not only makes it easier, but more fun. Plus, it’s great to have someone to talk to during the project, either for social reasons or for help troubleshooting.

Grab a Friend with DIY Fence

5. Measure twice, cut once

The devil is in the details, and your fence is no exception. Take time with your measurements and cutting. Double check before you make the cut. Double check that the pipe really is adjusted to level with the leveling donut. You don’t want to get so lost in the weeds that it takes you a year to install the fence, but you definitely don’t want to approach it with a “slap it together” mentality.

DIY Fence Measure Twice Cut Once


6. Give yourself enough time

If you expect to WamBam your fence in the yard in an afternoon, you’re going to end up frustrated, disappointed, or your final fence may look like something out of a Hitchcock movie. For the best experience, give yourself time. The fence can be installed over a couple days or weekends. If you don’t feel rushed, you’re going to enjoy the process more, and the end result will look better too. Keep in mind that you purchased a fence with a lifetime warranty. You’ll be looking at it for a long time, so you might as well do it right.

DIY Fence Take Your Time

Check out our new video!

Getting your fence delivered to your home is a great benefit of our product, but there are some things you need to be aware of to ensure that your delivery goes smoothly. We have just produced a video that helps take the guesswork out of your fence delivery. If you are considering a WamBam Fence project, we highly recommend you watch this video to set up your expectations with shipping.

2014 Photo Contest Entries

It’s that time of year again! Our 2014 photo contest finalists have been chosen and it’s open for voting! The rules are simple:

1. Visit the link below.
2. Peruse the album and find your favorite entry.
3. Like your favorite picture.

Here is the link:

The contest closes at 4pm EST on February 12, 2015.

First prize- $500
Second prize- $250
Third prize- $100

Here is a sneak peek of a few of our favorite entries!

Brian keeps his pool safe and secure with the Plain Jane Vinyl Pool Fence

Brian keeps his pool safe and secure with the Plain Jane Vinyl Pool Fence

Jesse Johnson

Jessie’s backyard looks pristine and classy with the Slim Jim Aluminum Fence

Jim George

Jim ties together a vinyl privacy fence and a vinyl picket fence, adding both privacy and security to his backyard.