Spring is here and so is our GARDEN!

We are definitely rolling into Spring with our wheels turning at full speed!  The last few weeks have been hectic and busy (in a VERY good way!) and we are on our way to have a record breaking month!  Although we work hard here at WamBam, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We like to have fun also.  One way we like to get outside instead of being stuck in the office all day is by gardening.  We have a Garden Club that about half of our staff actively participates in.  This is the first year that we have added this to our workplace but it is phenomenal.  Most of us Wambammers are advocates of eating healthy, whole foods and living an active lifestyle.  What better way to support that goal than grow your own vegetables, herbs, and fruit.

Our Garden Club is going to be the envy of clubs at WamBam Fence.  This picture below was taken today.  We planted 2 weeks ago. We have tomatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, cucumbers, spinach, mixed greens, basil, rosemary, thyme, strawberry, and more!  Stay tuned to our blog throughout the spring and summer to see our progress.  We will post pictures periodically showing our amazing harvest.  We are so excited to see (and taste) the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor!




Project Helping Hands

Our 2nd Annual Project Helping Hands was an amazing success! Project Helping Hands is an integral part of our core values at WamBam Fence and allows us to give back to the communities that we serve. Every Christmas, employees are asked to choose an organization or person in need that they would like to help out during the holiday season.  WamBam Fence then makes a monetary donation to that organization/person in honor of the employee.    Below is a testimony of one of our employees, Joey, who chose the Rice N’ Beans Foundation as his recipient.

“Donating funds to the Rice N’ Beans Foundation warms my heart. Having volunteered and experienced the Tuesday/Wednesday night mission work they do in the streets of Uptown Charlotte, I greatly appreciate the work Rice N’ Beans is doing to help feed & clothe the homeless and less fortunate in our community. It has always been on my heart to find a way to help these struggling people that I see on the streets with a hopeless look in their eyes. Stumbling across Rice N’ Beans through my friend and mentor, Clint Hudson, was an answer to prayer! I finally found a group that had the same mission that had been on my heart for such a long time. I enjoy volunteering my time to this ministry. Using the funds provided by the loving WamBam Fence to add to the food and clothing stock of Rice N’ Beans to give to the needy in our community not only puts a smile on their faces but mine as well.

I encourage all to volunteer some time to help service those in need. Find out more about this mission at ricenbeans.orgricenbeans



And The Winners of the 2018 WamBam Fence Photo Contest Are…

The dust has settled on the 2018 photo contest, and it was our biggest contest to date! We had more entries than ever this year, and for good reason; we had more people than ever who had beautiful fences to be proud of. We saw some of the best-looking and creative entries ever in this year’s contest! Last week we posted the 25 finalists to our Facebook page and were blown away by how quickly people came out to vote for their favorite entries! The competition was fierce for the first day or two, but by day three we had a handful of entries that were standing above the rest, leaving us with two distinct categories: the top five and everyone else. The top five battled it out for the rest of the contest, but every contest has to come to an end, and this Monday our contest did just that. And so by popular vote, here are the winning entries for the 2018 WamBam Photo Contest! If you want to see all the entries we had this year, you can find the whole album here.

1st Place: Brian Duscher

No photo description available.

Brian and his wife Dana dreamed of having the perfect fence for their doggy daycare. A combination of Jiminy Picket and Steady Freddy fences gave them just the look they wanted, and their customers love it too!

2nd Place: Lila Robinson

Lila needed a safe outdoor play area for her furry little friend. The Sturbridge Fence helped give her the perfect, stylish enclosure she was looking for!

3rd Place: Al Horvath

Al just needed a good privacy fence for his yard, and a lot of it! 260 feet of Steady Freddy Fence later and he’s got the perfect enclosure for his yard. Now he’s even getting envious glares from the neighbors!

Well that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who participated in 2018’s contest, either by entering or by voting. Here’s to an even better 2019!

Doggie Daycare Fencing

Doggie Daycares: A Rapidly Growing Industry

WamBam Fence has become a popular choice for doggie daycare fencing in this rapidly growing industry. WamBam Fence offers a unique and affordable surface mounted fence solution which makes it appealing to install on a concrete surface, both indoors and out. Vinyl is also a great material choice for doggie daycare fencing as it’s non-toxic, easy to clean and doesn’t show scratches as easily as other materials.

The Search for Doggie Daycare Fencing is Over

Brian and Dana Duscher searched a long time for a suitable fence for their dog spa business. When they came across WamBam Fence, they knew they had found a doggie daycare fencing fit. After several renditions of sketches and many design changes, Dana’s Dog Spa and Boarding is open for business. Round of ‘apaws’ for The Duscher’s creative efforts!


Dana’s Dog Spa gets a fence makeover to become Dana’s Dog Spa & Boarding


A panoramic view of the doggie daycare’s fencing


A round of “apaws” for a beautiful installation

Customers Say it Best

Brian had this to say about his experience (some light editing has been done for readability):

“Customer service is above and beyond what I would have ever expected. From the first phone call to the last email they have been there supporting my project. Can’t say enough about the service. Now for the product, how do you say or express something that fit so perfect for the project? I dealt with several other companies tying to get this project designed and going. Wambam and Fezan have been amazing to work with and trust. This was a big design nightmare and struggle but after talking with Fezan several times, thinking he was going to get tired of me real soon , he was able to guide me in the right direction. My wife had something to do with a lot of the talk, she had new ideas (of course she did). Well after the struggles the product was shipped –  85 boxes! It showed up and we were off and running. The outside fencing went in like a dream, it looks amazing and was easy to follow. It actually taught me something and as cold as it was it was a joy to install. Then came the interior project, thinking this was going to be a nightmare and a struggle that I would never forget, it actually turned out to be quite an easy job once I figured out the measurements and the cuts. I have never worked with this kind of product before but the items the come with the product work awesomely, and the level adjusters make Easy work of the project. I am happy to say I was able to do the whole project in less than a month even with errors and a few hiccups from some of the product. Fezan was quick to help and to send out what ever was needed or replace what might have been wrong. The service I received kept me comfortable and confident that the investment was more than worth it. Dana’s Dog Spa is now Dana’s Dog Spa and Boarding thanks to an amazing company and superb product. I will be buying in the future. Again I can’t say enough about the product and service we received.“







Looks like the Duscher’s did a great installation job. The pictures speak volumes!

For more stories on doggie daycare’s using WamBam for their fencing needs, see “Why Dog Daycare Owners are Choosing WamBam Fence”