Rescued Dog Gets a Backyard Playground with a Vinyl Fence

We chose this customer story as a blog entry because we love the in-progress shots of the fence. Also, their rescue dog Milly looks so happy with her new fence that it’s hard not smile when you see a shot of her enjoying her new found freedom!

Vinyl Picket Fence

After being crated for up to 17 hours a day before being rescued, Millie loves her new fence freedom!

Sara in Virginia emailed us to say:

“We have found that it actually makes our yard seem bigger because before the fence we didn’t use the space near the street. Now that it’s fenced in, it’s safe, useable space. And, above all else, our French bulldog, Milly, is in love with the yard – no more leash! We rescued her from a puppy mill in 2012 and she’s had us wrapped around her little paw ever since. Before we rescued her she was kept in a cold crate all day. Now she can run free all over the yard – she loves her Wam Bam fence just as much as us!

We are just so pleased with our fence. This is our first home and our fence is certainly among the best upgrades we made.”

Safe fence for dogs

Milly loves to play in her fenced in backyard!

Set your string line

The string line is an important first step of the fence installation project to determine pipe placement

No Dig Vinyl Fence Pipe Anchor

Bryan uses the gas powered pounder to drive his pipe into the ground

The vinyl fence bottom rails

The vinyl fence bottom rails get installed

Vinyl Picket Fence Assembly

Getting closer to the finished product! The vinyl pickets get inserted into the horizontal rails.

Everyone pitches in to help place the vinyl pickets in the rails.

Almost done! Everyone pitches in to help place the vinyl pickets in the rails.

Wide shot of the vinyl picket fence

A great panoramic view of the massive project in completion!

Kudos to Sara and her husband for tackling such a big fence installation project and doing a great job to boot. We love to see our customer’s projects in action, and we especially love hearing about a once-crated puppy being rescued and given a new playground.

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