The Charlotte Spring & Garden Show

We sell vinyl and ornamental aluminum fence all over the country, and ship to homeowners in every state. We love the way that technology enables us to connect with our customers despite geographical boundaries. Since we are physically located in the Charlotte NC area, we figured it would be fun to attend the Charlotte Spring and Garden Show to make some new local friends and offer an easy-to-install vinyl fence solution.

Thanks to the hard work of some key people at WamBam, they set up a fabulous booth:

The WamBam booth at the Charlotte Home & Garden Spring Show

The WamBam booth at the Charlotte Home & Garden Spring Show

We really enjoyed meeting our local neighbors and were pleased at the response to our program. People love the idea of being able to save thousands of dollars installing their own vinyl and aluminum fence, and especially like the thought of having us on speed dial in case they run into any snags. We also showcased our new gas powered pounders for rent, and it was fun to see how excited people were about this handy time and work saving device. Read more about the gas powered pounder on our website!

If you’re within 50 miles of the Charlotte area, call us at 704-892-5222 to see how we can help you save up to thousands of dollars installing your own fence.

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