One Heck of a Fence!

All we can say is WOW! Justin in Connecticut installed an incredible amount of fence and had this to report:

“I installed just over 450ft of this fence at my new house in just a couple weekends. I have some experience with fencing, as I did about 300 feet of wood stockade and vinyl privacy fencing at my last house. It took me a long time to complete and was a lot of digging. I wanted a fence that would go up easier and faster.

That’s a lot of fence!

At first I thought it wasn’t any easier to install than actually digging out the holes, then I had to dig out a couple holes because I hit rocks <24″ down. That’s when I realized the system was way easier. Digging a post out would take 20-40 minutes while driving in a anchor only took me about 10 minutes. I also realized I made a mistake not getting the pneumatic post pounder from the start as my productivity dropped off with the “Springy Suzy” as I tired after about 10 anchors. I did 20 anchors the first weekend and 35 the second weekend.

Justin admitted that the double gates were the biggest pain!

As a Licensed Professional Engineer (mechanical), I felt that the system is very well thought out and engineered. The parts are well designed, strong, high quality and they all fit together with no work (provided you keep the posts properly spaced and level). There were no missing or damage parts and the directions were easy to follow and very comprehensive.

I’ve recommended your product to several people already, including friends who have to install a fence around their new pool.”

Thanks, Justin, for being such a terrific customer!

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