Your Job Might Be Safer Than You Think

I haven’t made any attempts to disguise the fact that we do some outsourcing at WamBam Fence. For those of you who live and work in North America, you might derive some satisfaction from the fact that it’s not always smooth sailing.

Take, for instance, my instructions to a web developer in India for the following part of the site:

Basic Instructions to this Page

1. Change Title font (The WamBam Journal) to “Gloucester MT Extra  Condensed”. It should say “The WamBam Journal” at the top and the bottom.
2. In the new page as per our discussion, the copy should read (I typed out the whole paragraph for him).

The end result when I went to the site the next morning? (Yes, the changes were live.)

Maybe I Need to Give Clearer Instructions?

Let’s just say that after several incidents, we’ve mostly reverted back to North America for outsourcing.

Here at WamBam Fence, we provide digless vinyl fence that’s easy to install because it’s designed for the do-it-yourself market.

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