Post Pounderitis

Steve goes on a shopping binge

When Steve gets something on the brain, it’s stuck there like flies on sticky tape. I’ve been a witness (victim?) of this many times, because when inspiration hits him in the late day, this means my phone will be ringing all night as he continually wants to discuss his new thoughts/ideas/discoveries. “Just one more thought, Denise.” “Oh, sorry to bug you again, but…” “You know, I was just thinking…” “Ok, this will be the last time I’ll call.” “Ok, really, for real, this is the last time I’ll call.” (Thank goodness his bedtime is usually around 9pm.)

I actually don’t mind. Most of the time it’s a good source of amusement.

But I confess that I am relieved when he gets what I call “Post Pounder-itis” early in the day, because I know that while he will continually approach me all day with his latest thoughts/ideas/discoveries, my phone should, for the most part, remain quiet that evening.

Our digless vinyl fence is installed by pounding pipe into the ground with a manual post pounder, and we currently had one in our line, which is a lot nicer than most out there.

But one day Steve was struck with the epiphany that perhaps he didn’t do enough research on post pounders, and this realization is what infected him with Post Pounder-itis. To someone as fanatical about product development as he is (and darn good at it too), this didn’t bode well with him and he went into overdrive. After a bunch of research online, he subsequently ordered every single post pounder he could find online. The poor UPS drivers were delivering pounders for days. It was like Christmas here with metal pounders instead of gift baskets and chocolates. It’s not like we had a “Post Pounder” line in our budget, either.

The Basic Betty Post Pounder

The Big Bertha Post Pounder

The Springy Suzy Post Pounder

Fortunately because we’re small we can react quickly to new ideas and endeavors. Within one week, two more pounders were introduced to our line. Ben had to go crazy with drawings and renders. We had to get the drawings to China so they could manufacture them. We needed to market the pounders, so called up our video guy and asked him to shoot a video demonstrating the differences (watch it here). We needed to retune the website to make room for these changes. We got logos done for all the pounders. We named them zany WamBamy names (The Basic Betty, The Springy Suzy, and The Big Bertha). I decided to go way out and put lips, noses and eyes with big eyelashes on them, but reigned it in after deciding that Post Pounder-itis doesn’t need to be contagious.

Between Steve’s online binge and our own offerings, we now have enough post pounders around here to win a nunchuck-style battle should our competitors ever send the fencing mafia our way.

But hey, it’s for a digless vinyl fence install. Nothing wrong with giving our customers options to make an easier way to install fence even easier, right? It’s WamBam’s digless vinyl fence designed for the do-it-yourself market.