Let’s Talk About PVC, Baby!

Vinyl. PVC. Plastic. When you hear these words, “environmentally friendly” probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Well, here at WamBam, we are dedicated to being a part of a movement to change that. But before we dive into the fascinating world of recycling, let’s get some general science out of the way.

What is PVC? Polyvinyl chloride (try saying that 5 times fast) is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC, also known as vinyl, has inherent sustainability characteristics. The basic raw materials are made from rock salt and oil.  It contains less carbon than most major thermoplastics. Because of this, it can be found in anything from construction materials, clothing, and you guessed it- fence! There is much more to it but we’ve got a link here if you want to know the nitty gritty:

Specifically, our vinyl fence is made from rigid PVC which does not contain any phthalates or BPA, which allows the material to be safe and stable. Now we have all heard about the impact plastics are making on the environment and we are not here to tell you the science is wrong, but we are here to say things can change for the better if we all take the steps to change them. Here at WamBam, we decided it was time to lead by example and start recycling our unused vinyl materials, instead of only donating them, to keep them out of landfills.

How is PVC recycled? Unfortunately, we aren’t in the future yet where PVC will be part of our bi-weekly recycling pick-up, so we had to do our research. Luckily, there is a state-of-the-art facility right in our own backyard!

JP Industrial has been in the plastics recycling game for over 30 years and knows a thing or two about PVC. We spent months collecting all scrap or damaged pieces of vinyl from our warehouse to be taken to their facility in Salisbury, NC. Once there, the vinyl goes through a drastic make-over. There are many steps that make up this process which depend on what the recycled material will be used for.  The basic process is: sort, shred, wash, extrude, granulate. Once the PVC is broken down into a powder or pellets, it can then be used to mold entirely new products. Because PVC is so durable, this process can be repeated 7 to 8 times- that is a 120-year life span! If recycled correctly, your great, great-grandchildren can play with toys made from your old fence; just imagine the possibilities!

We were quite lucky to have JP Industrial close enough to do a pick-up for us because, this last time alone, we sent off 15,386 pounds of vinyl to be recycled! We were able to prevent over 15 thousand pounds of PVC from going to the landfill; just think of the overall impact this recycling process can have on our environment. Creating new products from recycled vinyl not only keeps these products out of landfills, but it also cuts down on emissions from creating new PVC. At WamBam, we are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint one picket at a time and encourage everyone to do the same. Stay tuned for updates on our recycling program!

WamBam Fence Debuts in the Top Third of Inc.’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in America

Stephen-Denise Final (Medium)

WamBam Fence, Inc. Ranks in the Top Third with Three-Year Sales Growth of 265%

Charlotte, N.C., August 15, 2019 — Inc. Magazine recently ranked WamBam Fence, Inc. in the top third of their list of America’s fastest growing companies. Landing at 1,562 out of 5,000 companies, WamBam Fence, Inc. is the designer, manufacturer, and distributor of an innovative, no-dig system for vinyl and aluminum fence along with other outdoor products. The company has both headquarters and warehouse operations, as well as 18 employees, in the Charlotte area.

“Our incredible employees go above and beyond to serve our growing customer base, day-in and day-out,” said Denise Shields, president and co-founder, WamBam Fence, Inc. “Without their year-round dedication to do-it-yourself homeowners, we couldn’t deliver ‘the only fence that’s fun to install.’ From creative ideas that help us serve customers, to exceptional teamwork in our office and warehouse, our entire team is focused on delivering the best outdoor product to homeowners.”

WamBam Fence designs and delivers professional grade permanent fences that do not require digging holes, pouring concrete, or additional painting and maintenance. Created for the do-it-yourself market, WamBam Fence ships directly to homeowners across the country.

After many calls for a simpler fence that could be removed and reinstalled as necessary, the company launched a new line under the Zippity Outdoor Products brand in 2016. Zippity offers a simpler version of the no-dig concept for fencing and other outdoor products. Now homeowners can easily install outdoor privacy screens, mailboxes, and both permanent and semi-permanent fences without digging holes and mixing concrete (and without frustration!)

Homeowners can purchase Zippity Outdoor Products through,,, and—no DIY experience necessary! The flagship WamBam Fence line is sold exclusively through

About WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products

Whether you are trying to keep your children or pets safe, need a mailbox, or want to hide your trash bins, WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products can help. WamBam Fence and Zippity Outdoor Products manufacture and ship a variety of vinyl and aluminum fencing systems and outdoor products, while offering same-day shipping and convenient customer service for DIY homeowners.

Denise Shields and Stephen Prins founded the company in 2009: read their story here.

Learn more at and

About Inc.’s 5000 List

Started in 1982, the Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation and has become a hallmark of entrepreneurial success. Learn more:

New Line of No-Dig Fence Available through Resellers

“We are proud to be launching a new line of no-dig fence available through resellers.”


WamBam No-Dig FenceOver the past few years, we have seen growing enthusiasm for no-dig fence. Our customers generally love our no-dig fence as proven by our rave reviews, and to date our website has been the only place to get a complete no-dig fence kit designed for the DIY consumer. That is all about to change with us launching a new line of no-dig fence available through resellers.

The Evolution of No-Dig Fence

Initially we launched WamBam’s original no-dig fence line through online resellers like Home Depot, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale club. Despite good sales, we had a problem. Our no-dig fence was simply too complicated to sell through online retailers. Everything was sold a la cart, and customers were forgetting to order caps or posts or no-dig pipe anchors. Communicating this information was very difficult through these online platforms, and with their customer service representatives handling hundreds of thousands of skus, it was impossible to expect them to be knowledgeable on our no-dig fence. We had to pull back. We ultimately decided to sell our no-dig fence direct, because we wanted to learn how to better sell no-dig fence to the end consumer. By selling direct, we were able to hold customer’s hands, quote them on their fences, ensure they had what they needed and easily provide technical support. We have always tried to operate by answering the question, “What’s best for the customer?” and the answer to this question was clear to us regarding our decision to sell our WamBam Fence direct.

We also promised our resellers that we would take what we learned about no-dig fence to come up with a simplified program for resellers. Our first step was to learn how to sell general fence through online resellers in a way that is simple and easy to understand for the consumer. As a result, we introduced a pared down line of traditionally installed fence that is sold with 1 panel, 1 post, and 1 cap in a box. We brought this line (dubbed WamBam Traditional) to market in 2012 and the program has been very successful. With it’s success, we have also seen growing requests for a similar no-dig version.

Why No-Dig Through Resellers?

We love our No-Dig WamBam Fence, but we saw the opportunities for some improvement to the levelling donuts and a few other technical parts of the product. We created a new and improved version of our no-dig anchor kits and packaged products like our WamBam Traditional product- 1 panel, post, cap and mounting system in a box. It’s important for us to be able to partner with retailers for a few reasons. For one, resellers like and offer free shipping, and this is something we can’t compete with on a couple panels of fence. By leveraging the logistics of these powerhouse resellers, customers can purchase smaller fence jobs with less shipping expense- and in many cases free shipping. Transit times can also be decreased to the west coast as well, as some of these dot com retailers stock our products in their warehouses.

Styles Available

At this time we are only offering 2 styles- picket and yard & pool, both 4ft high. We have plans for some 3ft no-dig picket fence and also hope to introduce privacy fence to this line as well.

How is it Different from WamBam’s Current No-Dig Fencing?

While this new no-dig fence line is still professional grade vinyl with a limited lifetime warranty, there are a few key differences other than different styles. The new no-dig line sold through resellers has the following differences:

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WamBam No-Dig Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

WamBam No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

Nantucket Line Drawings

WamBam No-Dig Nantucket Vinyl Picket Fence


We are excited about this new line of fence, and invite you to call us at 877-778-5733 if you have any questions. To see the products on our website, click the links below:

No-Dig Vinyl Nantucket Picket Fence

Now sold through resellers: No-Dig Vinyl Nantucket Picket Fence

No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

Now sold through resellers: No-Dig Sturbridge Vinyl Yard & Pool Fence

WamBam Makes Another Appearance on the DIY Show “Fix This Yard”

In this episode, homeowners Jake and Kristen have had their house on the market for 7 months with no bites, probably due to their unsightly yard. The “Fix That Yard” crew goes in on a weekend and helps Jake and Kristen whip it in to shape. The best part? They opt for a WamBam vinyl fence that comes in particularly handy during a time crunch! This video shows the highlights.