May 4, 2016

Dealing with Loose Rock Underground

 by Denise
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Running into mid-sized rocks underground when trying to install your fence can be extremely frustrating. If you encounter this, we recommend you purchase a post hole digging bar at your local hardware store or online. It’s generally less expensive to purchase at your hardware store. This handy tool may just become your new best friend regarding

February 23, 2012

How do I mount my vinyl fence rail to a pre-existing wall or fence?

 by Denise

To affix a panel to a wall, you will need to purchase vinyl fence brackets. Please see the spec drawings of your fence style to determine the size of brackets that you need. A. Place wall mounts evenly with fence rail spacing and secure with screws. B. Install fence panel rails into wall mounts and

February 22, 2012

Installing a Surface Mount on a Wooden Deck

 by Denise

Below shows how to install your surface mounts on a wooden deck. If installing your fence posts on a surface such as a driveway or patio, see this technical article.

Installing a Gate Without a Gate Jig

 by Denise

If your sidewalk gets in the way of using the provided gate jig, you can either cut down the provided vinyl gate jig or re-create a small gate jig out of 4×4 wood (see gate instructions) to span the distance between the anchor and the concrete as necessary. The jig can simply be be pressure

January 16, 2012

Working around a tree in your fence run

 by Denise

Sometimes it’s unavoidable to have an obstacle such as a tree in your fence line. Here is a tip showing what one customer did. However, we must caution that trees do grow. Please be really careful when attempting something like this, and leave room for the tree to grow. You would not want a growing

November 22, 2011

Can I make my post more solid when it’s against a wall?

 by Denise

Although not totally necessary, if you would like to create a solid connection between your post, wall, and fasteners, you can fill your post with expanding foam.

November 18, 2011

Important Information About Fence Conforming to Pool Code

 by Denise

We have designed certain styles of our fence to be compliant with BOCA pool code, which is an industry standard that meets the safety requirements for most counties. For swimming and other child safety gates, most safety standards specify: a)  Your fence height needs to be between 4’ and 6’ high minimum b)  Your gate

November 1, 2011

Tips on using 3-1/2in. screws

 by Denise

Use a ‘Bit & Screw Holder’ when using 3-1/2 inch screws. This handy little device comes in most drill sets, and really helps to set up and screw the 3-1/2 inch screws into place. It totally prevents you from dropping the screw and having to hold on to it at point of entry. If you

What saw blade should I use when cutting vinyl?

 by Denise

Vinyl fencing can be cut just like wood. Preferably use a circular saw with a PVC blade or a sharp and straight fine-tooth carbide blade. If your saw blade is designed for rough cutting lumber and dull, it could shatter the vinyl. This is especially true if the vinyl is cold.

Tips on using a manual post pounder

 by Denise

1. You can either leave the leveling donut off or on during pounding. In the vast majority of installations, the top of your anchor will not mushroom enough to cause confl­ict when putting the donut back over the anchor. The only potential problem is really hard or dry ground where repeated blows with the pounder are