How to Put My Enclo Privacy Screen on Wheels

  • Our screens are designed to be installed into the ground. You will not need the stakes that are provided in the package if you are mounting your screen to casters. All our ground stakes are 100% recyclable. Please consider recycling, donating, or repurposing unused ground stakes.
  • We recommend using caster wheels when mobilizing any of our Privacy Screens. Casters provide a sturdy attachment to the posts.
  • There are two different type of casters that we recommend:
  • L shaped Caster
    • Standard Square Base Caster

How to Install L Shaped Casters

  1. Join the panels with joiner clips
    1. This will help make sure that the nuts and bolts do not collide between posts.
  2. Mark the drill locations
    1. The casters can be installed on the outside of the posts using washers, nuts, and bolts.
    2. Using the caster as a guide, mark the posts where the bolts will be installed.
  3. Drill into the posts
    1. Using a power drill and a bit, pre-drill the holes on the marked locations on the post.
  4. Attach the casters to the posts
    1. Position the caster on the post.
    2. Thread the bolt through the caster and post.
    3. Secure the washer and nut onto the bolt to fix the caster onto the post.
    4. Repeat this process with each caster and post.

How to Install Standard Square Base Casters

Standard square base casters will need to be affixed to the bottom of the posts. The posts are hollow so to attach the casters, a wooden block will need to be inserted inside of the posts beforehand. 

  1. Cut a wood block to fit within the base of the post.
  2. Secure the block.
    1. Drill through the side of the post into the wood block.
  3. Secure the caster.
    1. Set the caster on the bottom of the post, flush with the wood block.
    2. Affix the caster to the block with screws.