Buying Guide for Newport and All American Fences

Zippity Newport fence and All American fence panels are bundled with a post, pipe anchor and cap. Customers sometimes do not realize this, and accidentally order too many finishing posts for their project. These steps here will help illustrate how to calculate how many panels and posts you should order:

Step 1: Draw a sketch of the property. Be sure to mark the fence and gate placements with measurements.  

Step 2: Take each fence run measurement and subtract the width of any gates (3.5 ft for each gate) in the run. 

Step 3: Once the gate measurements have been subtracted from the run measurement, divide the remainder of the run by 6’. 

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all fence runs. Be sure to mark how many panels and gates are needed on each run. 

Step 4: Add up all the gates and panels.

Step 5: Determine how many finishing posts will be needed: 


  • One finishing post is needed any time the fence run stops (disconnects from another panel).
  • An additional finishing post is needed for every gate. Gates are not bundled with posts like panels are.
  • Only one additional finishing post is required for a double gate that is connected to a fence panel. 
  • An additional finishing post is needed any time a panel is split and used as two panels. In this case, you will also need extra brackets and screws. 

Step 6: Add any additional accessories, such as drop rods for double gates and additional rail brackets for panel splitting.