December 30, 2021

How To Draw A Good Sketch For Your Friendly Project Consultant

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Determining how much material you need for your fence project can be daunting/overwhelming/confusing.  That’s why WamBam has a friendly team of dedicated Project Consultants to help. We only want you purchasing what you need to successfully complete your project.  No more.  No less.  Too much material will likely result in costly returns for you, and

October 15, 2021

Surface Mounting BL19042 Posts for Sturbridge or Nantucket Panels

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We do not offer a dedicated surface mount for the posts that are used with our Nantucket and Sturbridge fence.  If you are looking to mount your Nantucket or Sturbridge posts to a concrete surface like a patio or wooden surface like a deck, in short, you have two options:   Surface mounting or core drilling.

April 14, 2015

What Hardware Do I Need to Fasten My Vinyl Surface Mounts to Wood or Concrete?

 by Denise

For Concrete Please secure to concrete with 3/8 x 3” long wedge or sleeve anchors. Do not use Concrete or Blue Screws. For Wood If you have access under your wood deck, please mount additional 2×6 or 2×8 wood blocking between your floor joists directly underneath your deck surface. Then drill holes thru both your

February 23, 2012

How do I mount my vinyl fence rail to a pre-existing wall or fence?

 by Denise

To affix a panel to a wall, you will need to purchase vinyl fence brackets. Please see the spec drawings of your fence style to determine the size of brackets that you need. A. Place wall mounts evenly with fence rail spacing and secure with screws. B. Install fence panel rails into wall mounts and

February 22, 2012

Installing a Surface Mount on a Wooden Deck

 by Denise

Below shows how to install your surface mounts on a wooden deck. If installing your fence posts on a surface such as a driveway or patio, see this technical article.

January 16, 2012

Working around a tree in your fence run

 by Denise

Sometimes it’s unavoidable to have an obstacle such as a tree in your fence line. Here is a tip showing what one customer did. However, we must caution that trees do grow. Please be really careful when attempting something like this, and leave room for the tree to grow. You would not want a growing

November 11, 2011

What is the wall thickness of your vinyl?

 by Denise

The thickness of the extrusions (posts, rails and vertical pickets or boards)  in your vinyl fence can become  an important consideration in your purchase decision. We’re proud to provide this information below and more specifically in our detailed specification drawings which are included in our instructions. Professional Grade Vinyl Vinyl Posts (4 ½ x 4

November 1, 2011

How do I deal with angles in my vinyl fence line?

 by Denise

For angles greater or less than 90 degrees, we highly recommend you purchase our vinyl angle helper kits here. The following shows you how to angle your fence line without needing to purchase the angle helper kits. However, be forewarned that cutting the vinyl as per below isn’t easy. A. Mark angle and post channel corner

How do I deal with low hanging roof lines?

 by Denise

During your vinyl fence install, you may find that you are unable to sleeve your vinyl post over your anchor due to a low hanging roof line. You can work around this scenario in one of three ways. Option One If possible, continue to pound the anchor lower into the ground just enough to accommodate

How do I extend my vinyl fence panel if necessary?

 by Denise

A. If your anchors inadvertently were spaced too far apart, you can extend your horizontal rails using wood blocking cut to fill the void in the extruded cavity. B-D. Sleeve over your wood blocking by using the same size extruded vinyl. If you do not have any left over waste, please call us at 1.877.778.5733