How to Surface Mount an Enclo Privacy Screen

Our screens are designed to be installed into the ground but can also be installed onto a surface, such as a deck or patio, if desired. When surface mounting the screen, the steps detailing the installation of the stakes can be skipped. All our ground stakes are 100% recyclable. Please consider recycling, donating, or repurposing unused ground stakes.

Materials to purchase:

  • L Brackets – We recommend purchasing stainless steel or powder coated brackets.
  • Check the specifications of the posts in the first few pages of the Privacy Screen installation guide to see what size L Bracket and nut and bolt will work for your application
  • Nuts, washers, and bolts*
  • Wedge anchors (concrete) *

*The size of your hardware will depend on the brackets purchased. Follow the recommended sizes with the L Brackets

  1. Join your panels with joiner clips
    • This will help make sure that the nuts and bolts do not collide between posts. It will also make attaching the L brackets to the ground easier in later steps.
  2. Mark the drill locations
    • The L brackets can be installed on the inside of the posts using washers, nuts, and bolts. We recommend using at least 2 L brackets per post.
    • Using the L brackets as a guide, mark the posts where the hardware will be installed 
  3. Drill into the posts
    • Using a power drill, pre-drill the holes on the marked locations on the post for the bolts.
  4. Attach the brackets to the posts
    • Position the bracket on the inside of the post for the best functionality and aesthetic appearance.
    • Thread the bolt from the outside of the post, through a washer, the post wall, then the bracket.
      • If the bolts purchased are too long to do this, drill through the other side of the post and have the bolt going through two sides of the post.
    • Secure a washer and nut onto the bolt to fix the L bracket onto the post.
    • Repeat this process with each L-Bracket
  5. Attach the Brackets to the surface
    • Once the L brackets are affixed to the posts, place the screens in the desired position and mark the ground where the L Brackets will be mounted.
    • Follow the directions included with the mounting hardware to mount the brackets to the ground