Surface Mounting BL19042 Posts for Sturbridge or Nantucket Panels

We do not offer a dedicated surface mount for the posts that are used with our Nantucket and Sturbridge fence.  If you are looking to mount your Nantucket or Sturbridge posts to a concrete surface like a patio or wooden surface like a deck, in short, you have two options:   Surface mounting or core drilling.


To accomplish this, you will first need to take the leveling gears from the pipe anchor (that comes with the BL19042 post or post that accompanied your panel) and install them onto the vinyl surface mount (SB61000).

You will not need the leveling donuts that come with the surface mount.  You can discard these.


On the pipe anchor, the outer gear is removed by lifting up on tab.  Inner gear is attached to pipe anchor via tek screw.  This screw needs to be removed in order for inner gear to slide down off bottom of pipe anchor.

Attach inner gear to surface mount using tek screw.  You may need to pre-drill a 1/8″ diameter hole in surface mount for tek screw.  Install inner gear at lower position on surface mount first so you can put outer gear over it once installed.  Outer gear will not slide over inner gear if attached at top of the surface mount.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 115816BL donuts on mount full

Mount the vinyl surface mount as instructed in the installation guide.  An overview video can be seen HERE.

Keep in mind that our vinyl surface mounts are designed for our 4.5” x 4.5” posts, so the post for the Nantucket/Sturbridge will be slightly narrower at 4” x 4”.  You will notice the surface mount footing is slightly larger in size compared to the post.

Screenshot 2021-10-15 120725

Because of this, once the wedge anchors are installed on the surface mount footing, you could potentially have some issues toward the bottom of the post. To help combat this try to use a nut where the outer diameter is not larger than 9/16”.

With the surface mount, use 3/8” x 3” or 3/8” x 4” long wedge anchors. Depending on the brand of wedge anchor you use, fit of post end over wedge anchor nut is dependent on the diameter of the nut for wedge anchor being used. If you are using a larger nut with your wedge anchor, the post will sit on the nut leaving a gap. If your nut is smaller in diameter, then the post should fit over the nut.



The other solution to attaching a post over a concrete surface is by core drilling. This involves using a core drill (a powerful drill designed to drill holes in solid rock or cement). Create a 1-7/8in. diameter hole through your concrete surface.  Pound pipe anchor through hole into ground beneath concrete to recommended depth.  If necessary, fill hole with liquid concrete or wedge the anchor directly into the hole if it is not tight enough.  Install post over pipe anchor as you would if it were in ground.

Most equipment rental stores will likely have a core drill available.  Here’s what one typically looks like:

Screenshot 2021-10-15 145232