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Top 10 Reasons to choose WamBam

1. No Digging

This means you don't need to rent a power auger to dig holes. You also don't need to worry about tearing up your yard or getting rid of excavated dirt, not to mention potential frost heave. 

2. No Concrete Required

This means there is no heavy lifting, no mess, no wheelbarrow required, no clean-up and no additional costs.

3. Same Day or Next Day Shipping to Your House

We ship most orders that arrive by 11am the same day, or next business day if placed later. Traditionally purchasing large pre-built panels at the store requires a pickup truck to get them home or paying a delivery charge. When you order a WamBam Fence system, your product will get delivered right to your house either by Fedex or motor freight. Orders over $3000 ship free.

4. Comes Boxed for Easy Handling and Storage

Because of how they are packaged, the boxes are easy to handle and store. This means you don't need to worry about putting out your back while handling the product. You also don't need to worry about sectioning a large storage area because the boxes are compact and can stack neatly in your garage.

5. Fence Sections and Gates can be Trimmed Down In Height

Because our panels are not preassembled, you have much more flexibility in the look and feel of your fence. We are not forcing a "one size fits all" solution on you. You can trim as necessary, and even create different styles such as a swoop or concave.

6. Professional Grade Fence

Our vinyl fence is a superior quality to that found at your local box stores. Our UV inhibitors are higher, vinyl is thicker, and our fence panels are stronger overall for longevity.

7. Returns are Easy

Our Project Consultants are here to make sure all your questions are answered and help make sure you have everything you need for your project.  In the event that you have any items you would like to return, we have a straightforward and easy return policy

8. Stronger and More Forgiving Installation Method

Our unique SnugSlide grooved post design allows the horizontal rails to fit snug and tight in between your posts. This adds to the overall strength of your fence and also is very forgiving when installation adjustment to your ground slope is necessary. Typical vinyl fence has routed holes in the posts which can make it elevationally challenging when setting the posts in concrete.  You will also notice that deflection is minimal compared to traditionally installed Vinyl fence. Having a steel pipe inside your vinyl post makes a difference. Watch a video showing the strength of our fence here.

9. We are the Manufacturer

We designed and engineered everything from the ground up so the buck stops with us and no one else. We are not a reseller, so if you have any issues, need any help, or even replacement parts, we have it all at our fingertips and would be delighted to help you.

10. Can be installed by one person if necessary

Sure it's nice to have a hand with home projects. But sometimes people are busy and other times you prefer to work by yourself. While we acknowledge that a WamBam Fence project would be easier with two people, because WamBam Fence is designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner,  it's certainly not a requirement for your WamBam fence installation, and one semi-skilled person would have no trouble installing it by him or herself.