How do I deal with extremely hard or dry ground?

Option 1: Use water to loosen soil

Outlined below are some additional things you can do if you still find pounding your anchor is going too slow.

Option 2: Use concentrated water to loosen soil

A. Pound anchor into ground as far as possible.

B. Fill anchor to the top with water and let sit until water is completely drained.

C. Continue to pound anchor into ground and repeat steps at separate intervals as needed.

Option 3: Use high pressure water to loosen soil

A powerwasher can optionally work well as a pre-drilling device into the ground in advance of the anchor being pounded in. Prepare to get messy even if you fashion a temporary shield. Do not go any deeper than about 18in. using this technique. The anchor needs to penetrate virgin and undisturbed soil beneath the pre-drilled hole, much like a screw being pre-drilled into hardwood.

Option 4: Pre-drill a pilot hole into the ground

A. Attempting to pre-drill a pilot hole into the ground before pounding in your anchor may be a possible solution.

B. Use a 1in. or 1-1/2in. diameter x 18in. long auger bit with an 18in. extension (both are available at most hardware stores). Preferably use a pistol style electrical drill (heavy duty cordless may even be acceptable in some conditions).

Ensure that you drill your hole straight and level into the ground, otherwise when you pound your anchor into the ground, it will follow a crooked hole and your anchor will end up being crooked.

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