How do I compensate for anchors that have been pounded in severely crooked?

If your leveling donut will not allow for compensation of a severely crooked anchor, then you have at least three options.

Option One: Drive the Anchor Deeper than Recommended

B. Continue to pound the anchor deeper into the ground than what we typically recommend. This corrective ability of your leveling donut is amplified the closer it gets to the anchor positioner.

Option 2: Bend the Anchor

If the ground that your anchor has been driven into is tight, you may be able to bend the anchor as illustrated to compensate. Slip your pounder down over the anchor about 3-4in. Use the leverage in the pounder to bend your anchor into straight position. The integrity of your anchor will be slightly compromised, but still perform acceptably.

Option 3: Remove the Leveling Donut

A. Remove WamBam Donut.

B. Secure post into top of anchor.

Option 4: Straighten the Crooked Anchor

Moisten the soil around your anchor (A) and add soil on the offending side of the anchor (B).

Compact soil using the post pounder flipped upside down. A spud bar flipped upside down can also work really well.

Repeat as necessary until you have forced the bottom of the anchor into level.

Option 5: Remove the Crooked Anchor

Please see this article on “How to Remove a Crooked Anchor