October 30, 2011

How do I deal with loose or disturbed soil?

 by Denise

Your pipe anchors, even when driven to the recommended depths of 36 inches AND 48 inches, will have a wind load resistance problem if the ground around them is unstable. If your entire fence line is located in loose or extremely loamy conditions, you can install our fence system much like you would if you

October 28, 2011

How do I deal with extremely hard or dry ground?

 by Denise

Option 1: Use water to loosen soil Outlined below are some additional things you can do if you still find pounding your anchor is going too slow. Option 2: Use concentrated water to loosen soil A. Pound anchor into ground as far as possible. B. Fill anchor to the top with water and let sit until water

How do I deal with rocks and other underground obstructions?

 by Denise

By far the most frustrating part of installing a fence is running into unforeseen obstacles under the ground. It doesn’t matter if you go the WamBam way or the traditional way- a big rock or tree root is going to cause you grief. Large Rocks? If the rock is large and stable enough it may

October 25, 2011

How do I deal with sloping ground for my vinyl fence?

 by Denise

There are two ways to tackle a vinyl fence line with ground that slopes either up or down. You can step or slope your vinyl fence as illustrated below. Because no other man-made vertical element in your backyard is generally installed with a noticeable slope, neither should your fence. However, this is just personal preference.