Before you begin your fence project

1. Read your installation guides.

We know you hate reading instructions- we do too! But please, make an exception for this project. We want you to have the best possible experience installing your WamBam Fence and reading the instructions will ensure this. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did! There’s a lot of great information in our installation guides, and we’ve tried to make it interesting. And relax, it’s mostly pictures.

Having said that, we want to stress that this is a guide. Unfortunately, because everyone’s property is different, we can’t provide a concrete step A, B and C. This guide will help you in almost all situations, though, and remember, we’re just a phone call away! For obstacles and challenges you might encounter, see our “Murphy’s Vinyl Fence Laws” guide on how to navigate potentially sticky situations.

2. Realize that this is a big project that will take time.
Time is your friend when installing your WamBam fence. So chill out. Relax. Do a yoga pose. Take plenty of breaks. As we all know, time flies when you’re having fun, so expect to spend more than just an afternoon on this project. If you expect to be able to WamBam your fence out in an hour, you’re mistaken. Yeah, I know your dog and kids are running loose and your neighbor is driving you nuts, but if you take your time, your project will be more successful. Besides, you’re going to be spending half the time you would have if you chosen to dig holes, mix cement, and go the old way…so be happy. Time is still on your side.

3. Pay attention to slopes!
Even if your backyard (or front yard for that matter!) does not resemble a black diamond ski run, you have to think about the slope of your fence line. Is there any? There almost always is, and you need to pay special attention to this in the planning and purchasing stages of your fence. Otherwise the posts you order might be too short. See this article for more information.

4. Practice makes perfect

Remember swinging the baseball bat as a kid, or shooting hoops for the first time? It took a bit to get the feel of it. The first few pipes you install into the ground might be a bit challenging at first, but it will get easier as you get the hang of it. Before you know it, you’ll be WamBam-ing your pipes into the ground so quickly your neighbors won’t know what happened.

Other Stuff You Need to Know

  • Draw a sketch layout of the proposed fence lines and logically look it over. If it doesn’t make sense on paper, chances are it won’t make sense in your yard.
  • Our online calculator is designed to make it easier for you to determine what you need to purchase for your fence. If you haven’t already used it, you should to ensure that you have everything you need.
  • If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a house and subsequently neighbors. Ask one of the handier ones for some help as your project will go smoother and quicker with an extra set of helping hands.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary materials, tools and equipment listed here.

! It is crucial that you follow the checklist here before you begin building.

1. Have you contacted local utilities?

This unfortunately is not a laughing matter, but rather one of potentially deadly consequences. You must call before you start to install your fence to avoid puncturing any unseen underground utilities, especially electrical or gas lines. Fortunately, this is made easy for you. Simply call 811 in the US, or visit
In Canada, click here for a list of phone numbers by province.

2. Have you checked your local zoning laws?

Local zoning laws and Home Owners Associations may regulate the height, style and placement of your fence. Some locations may even require a permit.

3. Are you absolutely sure where your property line is?

Many disputes have arisen from questions about whose side the fence is on.

4. Have you talked to your neighbors?

Your fence will become part of their yard, and you’ll have an easier time building it if you can have access from both sides. Besides, you may get lucky if they decide to share the cost with you.

Final Words….

Believe me, after the past 12 years or so of installing countless fences the WamBam way, the success of your installation is going to depend on three things:

1. Site conditions (And your creativity to work around unforseen obstacles as they come up, because they are gonna come up!)
2. Your personal skill level
3. Complexity of the project

Remember, you are not alone. We love helping make our customer’s lives easier and more fun! Call us. We would consider it an honor to help.