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Quality Fence to Keep Dogs Safe

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Here are 5 Reasons our Customers Love our Dog Proof Fence:

Your dog is an important member of the family, so you want the best fencing for your pet. Keeping your dog safe and providing a comfortable yard to play in is very important to all pet owners. Our permanent dog fence options are great for many reasons, and not only because they are practically dog proof!

1. Strong and durable

You need a dog fence that won't get knocked over by a big canine, so it needs to withstand some weight and pressure. WamBam's tried, tested, and proven fence can withstand the demands that energetic and hyper dogs can make on a fence.

2. Adjustability for additional security if required

Our fencing offers adjustability so that you can plumb it to the ground. This is especially important for small dogs that may be prone to squeezing underneath the fence. It's dog proof fencing!

3. Easy to install

Often fence labor can cost as much as the materials. Save labor costs with our easy-install no-dig permanent fence system. Forget digging holes and pouring concrete and tearing up your yard with this innovative system.

4. Maintenance free
Spend more time playing with your puppy and less time maintaining. Our vinyl and aluminum dog fence does not need to be painted or maintained. Once you install it, you simply enjoy it.

5. Lifetime warranty
You don't want to have to worry about a deteriorating fence where panels may one day give out releasing your dog. Our fence comes with a lifetime warranty for your ultimate peace of mind. 

How No-Dig Fence Works


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