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Mounting Your Posts on a Patio, Deck, or Other Surface


WamBam's system is great for installing a vinyl fence post on a surface such as a patio, driveway,  or other concrete slab. There are few options.

1. Purchase our Surface Mounting Flange instead of our Anchor Systems. For more information, see page 16 of the Murphy's Vinyl Fence Laws Guide or check out this online technical article. You can find this product here.

2. If your concrete is less than 6” thick, the WamBam system allows for a very strong and clean installation solution. Drill a 1-5/8 hole directly through your concrete using a hammer or core drill. Pound your 1-5/8 pipe anchor directly through that hole into the earth either 3’ or 4’ deep, depending on your anchor size. The hole will be neat, tidy and tight, allowing for a worry-free installation. See page 17 of the Murphy's Vinyl Fence Laws Guide for further information or check out this online technical article.

3. For mounting your fence posts on a wood deck, see this technical article.