Is WamBam Fence a Joke?
Is WamBam Fence a Joke?

One website recently threw us under the bus, and while we’re not afraid of a little healthy competition, this hurt our feelings a little bit because everything they were attacking us about is simply not true.

The irony of the situation is that this attack was actually brought to our attention by a customer who called up and said, “I noticed this on another website and that’s how I became interested in the no-dig solution. I thought there must be something to this if someone is attacking it so viciously?”

Fighting, retaliating, and getting defensive isn’t our style. However, we do feel that we should dispel these myths.



Is No-Dig Fence a Gimmick?

Firstly, they called no-dig fence a joke and a gimmick. It's pretty obvious that we are all about jokes and humor (after all, we are called WamBam Fence) and we do like to be light-hearted and fun. But even though we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take our product very seriously. This means we believe in a no-dig fence install for both ease of installation and longevity. If we weren’t 100% confident in our product for the long haul, we couldn’t in clear conscience sell it. We’d be out of business if it didn’t work.

Ask yourself these questions: 

1. Why are professional fence companies and contractors (people who install fence every day for a living) converting in droves to the No-Dig system?

Check out these links, which are by no means comprehensive:

2. Why would professional  fence companies who started doing No-Dig installations more than 20 years ago almost completely abandon digging traditional concrete footings? They believe it actually is a better way to install a fence, as evidenced by these links:

3. Why would ASTM International- Standards Worldwide ever consider developing new standards for the no-dig fence system?

4. Would a fence that’s “a joke” be independently laboratory tested and certified to withstand wind loads of up to a category 1 hurricane?

See our fence undergo this test.


What About China?

We have never hidden the fact the fact that we have manufacturing partners in Chinda. In fact, you can see a blog article that was published in May 2010 where we fully disclose this fact. We are proud of our partnership with the leading manufacturer of fence in China, and they do a fantastic job in meeting all the ASTM standards for vinyl fence.



Will Your Architectural Posts Really Collect Dirt?

Finally, many customers say that besides the ease of installation, what they love most about our fence are the architecturally designed posts. They don’t collect dirt at all, as proven by this picture. This fence was installed in 2.5 years ago in our “sandbox” next to a gravel driveway, and has never been hosed or wiped down.

We have nothing against installing fence by digging holes and pouring concrete. We actually offer a line that is installed traditionally. This is a fine way to install fence, and we would never disparage it. We like our competitors, and they offer a great product.

However, we are passionate about our no-dig fence because of how much easier it is to install. But don’t listen to us. Check out what our customers are saying via our website and our Facebook page. Don’t forget that you can see customer WamBam Fence reviews on our website as well.


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