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Here's what the pro's are saying about digless fence installation:

“We were originally installing vinyl fences the old fashioned way with an auger. You know the kind- two guys on the auger and one guy could go flying! About 7 years ago, we were introduced to the concept of pounding pipe into the ground. I was skeptical at first, but it’s worked out really well for me and my business. We dramatically improved the time it took to install vinyl fence, and the yard does not get dug up and so we never make a mess. This is going to catch on everywhere faster than we think." - Taylor Nelson, Advantage Fence, Edmonton AB, Installing fence the digless way for 7 years.

"I started installing vinyl fence 8 years ago the digless way.  At that time the system was pretty new, but there was one other contractor in our city using the post pounding system so I figured I could give it a try.  What I discovered that with a 2 man crew we were able to not only double sales but we actually did 3.5 times what I did alone the previous year.  This was mainly because we did not have to wait for concrete to set and we did not have the clean-up.  Now, 8 years later there are no more vinyl fence contractors concreting vinyl posts into the ground in our area, which makes my competition tougher, but is a testament to the system." - Rick, Carben Vinyl Contracting Inc., Edmonton AB, Installing fence the digless way for 8 years.

“14 years ago we starting using pipe to install our fences. Digging holes and pouring concrete wasn’t working well because there was too much heave in our soil and frost conditions, not to mention that adjustments and repairs were too difficult. We also quickly realized that by driving pipe instead of pouring concrete, our labor savings were astronomical. By driving pipe, one person could do in 5 minutes what 2 could comparably do in 20 minutes.

Leon and I are both retired now, but we still like to do the odd fence. If we did it with concrete at our age, we’d never do it. They call us the ‘old fart fencers’ because we are both 70 plus.” - George Thiessen, 71 years old, owned Shorty’s Fencing for 48 years, Winnipeg MB, Installing fence the digless way for 14 years